5 wk old baby love birds

by Deb
(Montreal, Canada)

My question is I have had babies before and all came out fine..except this time..all 3 babies are still bald only little feathers on the wings that it and she is already laying more eggs. i want to stop her from matting she has had 14 babies in not even a year and already laying more eggs...and figure out what to do about the bald babies..

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Jun 04, 2009
Baby lovebirds
by: The Vet

Often the parents will pick on the babies when they want them to leave the nest, so they can have another clutch. The best thing you can do is to take the babies from the parents and hand raise them; then take their nest box down so they do not have a place to lay and incubate.

Be sure that your birds on on pellets(like Harrison's) to be sure that they are getting a complete and balanced diet, which is the only way to be sure the female does not become egg bound.

Dr B

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