5-6 week old ringneck toys and feeding

by Diana

My 5-6 week old ringneck is not interested in toys and what age can it eat cuttlebones ??

Hi I have 2 5-6 week old ringneck and how come they don't like toys and also it's like they are scared and wen ever I take them out I only see them sitting on the very top perch on their play stand and just scratch and go to sleep and last wat age can they start to use cuttlebone plz help thankyou!!

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Jan 13, 2014
Hand feeding
by: Diana

So do I just continue hand feeding the ringneck 3 times a day???

Jan 12, 2014
5-6 week old ringneck toys and feeding
by: Linda

Your birds may still need to be handfed. Usually, it is 8 weeks before weaning can begin, and weaning is a process which takes however long to see the birds eating regular diets.

As for toys and cuttlebone, do not even worry about that right now. What you need to worry about is that your birds are not healthy. Please find an Avian Vet ONLY in your area and have them examined for any kind of infection. Also have them weighed to make sure they are getting enough to eat. A lot of breeders sell birds before they are weaned, and these birds can die from starvation. Unweaned birds or those weaned too early sometimes cannot digest regular food as well as they should.

Please do not wait to take them to only an Avian vet to be checked out.

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