6 Month old Green Cheek Conure sneezing

by Kristen

I have a six month old Green Cheek Conure. Whenever I have off from work, I let her out of the cage so she can climb around on it and be "free." Whenever I do this and she wants attention, she'll climb down to the floor and come to me. When she did this, I picked her up and let her climb to my shoulder as that's her favorite thing to do. She likes to cuddle into my neck. When she was doing this, I noticed she sneezed a couple of times and I felt what seemed like water droplets. Should I be concerned? She is acting like her normal self. She didn't seem to phased by it. She isn't showing any other signs of ill health. Should I take her to the vet or give it a day?

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Aug 05, 2013
by: Angela

In addition to getting water in the nares, it could be possible your bird is sneezing from a fragrance you have on. It could be your shampoo, hairspray, cologne, deodorant or body spray. Have you changed anything you use recently? Does the bird sneeze any other time or only when it's on you? Also, you shouldn't let your bird walk on the floor. Even if the floor is clean it still can harbor floor cleaner residue and dirt and bacteria from peoples' shoes.

Aug 05, 2013
Bird sneezing
by: Tracie

Birds do sneeze, they get dust in their nares and sneeze, and if you give your bird water in a dish, instead of a water bottle, then water will get in their nares. It is suggested that you only have water in the cage for 3 or 4 hours max, or your bird may end up with a bacterial infection. So either change the water every few hours or get a water bottle.

If your bird sneezes often throughout the day, then DO make an appointment because it could have an infection.

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