6 month old parakeet with black toe nail and swollen toe

by Mindy Miller
(Cadillac, Mi)

I just noticed today that my parakeet has a black toe nail and it looks like it could be infected it looks as though its drying up to fall off but im also worried about his swollen toe its puffy and looks almost brused, we dont have the money to go to the vet is there any thing i can do for him now? or is this just something that can happen and he will go on normally after he looses his toe? please help im scared for him and my son is sad the bird was his xmas present from his grandparents.

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Oct 06, 2012
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May 21, 2012
Are you serious?
by: Anonymous

You should not own a pet if your not prepared to pay for veternairy treatment if/when needed. Would you let your son go through this sort of pain??? A bird would rarley die from the sort of problem you have described unless left untreated -and yet you say that your son is prepared if the bird dies! Disguting!!!

Jun 01, 2009
owner of black toe parakeet
by: mindy

thanks to everyone and the doc for the advice. oddly he is back to his old self and is nail is falling off and his toe is no longer back and blue and dont look infected any more, it looks as thou he is going to be normal just with one less toe, and my son knows there is still a chance he wont survive and we are prepaired for that.
thanks again, mindy

Jun 01, 2009
6 month old parakeet with black toe nail and swollen toe.
by: joanne

hi. i have just read your query with regards to your bird and i am sorry for the situation you are in. do you have a vetinary where you come from thats for people on low incomes? we do have one here. its called the pdsa that treats pets but you have to put a donation in. if you need any more info regarding this please leave me a message and i will gladly help you. i have 2 birds myself so i know what you are feeling. i have a male cockatiel and an eastern rosella. i wish you well. god bless.

May 30, 2009
Bad Toe
by: Linda

If there is any way possible to get him to vet, you must do so asap. He possibly has an infection and/or his toe is broken. It is not normal for bird's toes to just fall off. As previously said, if he is suffering from an infection, his entire leg may become involved if not the rest of his toes and other leg.

If you have any family, request they try and help you. An Avian Vet exam for bacterial infection is not so expensive. There is nothing you can do for your bird at this point because the infection is inside not outside the bird.

If your family won't help, and I'm familiar with that, call the Avian Vet in your area, explain what is happening and see if they will let you pay something down and the rest on a monthly or weekly basis. If we can't afford to take our pets to get proper medical help, we don't need to have the pets as some things that come up just have to be treated by a qualified person.

As for your son, the longer you wait, and the worse bird gets, the worse he is going to feel up to bird's death. If bird dies, please, please do not get any other pets until you can afford to take them to a vet for medical checkups and care.

Many Blessing to you and your family,

May 30, 2009
Parakeet with black toe
by: The Vet

My first recommendation of course is to take your bird in to see an avian veterinarian. If that is not an option, there is really nothing you can do at home. He needs antibiotics to prevent infection. It sounds like it is locally infected, and the infection could spread to his leg and higher. Do not put any topical ointments on. This will not help and likely make things worse.

Dr B

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