6 month old severe macaw

by ammar
(houston, tx)

injury in question

injury in question

My 6 month old severe macaw still will not eat solid food and I am still handfeeding it with a syringe. My first question, is it alarming it still has not weaned. It tries and tries to eat solid foods but just doesnt seem to know what to do. Other wise he is very intelligent and climbs stairs comes to my room that is upstairs.

My second question is on the side of its left beak i guess analogous to the corner of our mouths, there is redness and a type of crusted cyst forming. Should I be taking it to the vet? I was attributing that to the fact that thats the side that he usually gets fed with the syringe and maybe that is the cause. Please help me as I really do not know that much about parrots. Thank you so very much. Ammar

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May 05, 2009
Reply to Dr. B
by: Ammar

Dr. B and everyone else thank you for your beautifully put and time taken responses. I just wanted to say to Dr. B that I purchased him from the pet store when he was 1 day old but made arrangements with the store owner to only take him when he was weaned. After about 4 months the store owner had told me that she had taken him to the vet, and the vet said he was totally fine and he just needed to go somewhere where it was less crowded and less noisy, so the store owner told me to take him home. I will definitly take him o the vet and I too hope that very thing works out because he is a guy to die for so loving and caring and intelligent. Thank you again everyone...Ammar

May 05, 2009
Bird not weaned yet
by: The Vet

YES! Your bird should have weaned 3 months ago. Feeding him baby formula is bad physiologically and mentally. The only way to wean him is to stop feeding him. You should also have him examined by an avian veterinarian. Delayed weaning can be caused by disease as well.

As far as eating food, it does not know what to do because it did not see any other birds do it. I am guessing you got him when he was very young, maybe a month or so. This is one of the many reasons I recommend that people do not hand feed their own birds. They are difficult to wean when they are alone.

You need to see an avian veterinarian immediately. I also suggest that you get someone to help you wean this bird.

Dr B

May 05, 2009
What a Beautiful Baby
by: Linda

Hello and congrats on your new baby who is adorable.

There probably is an infection going on with your baby, and you need to take it to vet as soon as is possible. The cyst on the side of its beak is not normal and has nothing to do with handfeeding. Macaw babies are normally supplemented by their mothers for up to a year in the wild. You will also need to be soaking any solid food, so it is easier to eat. If trying to wean onto a seed mix, don't even bother as seeds are low in all nutrients especially for a baby.

I recommend Harrison's pellets, and if he gets used to them at this early age, you will have no problem with him eating them at all. Most birds have to be converted over to them slowly, and you would not need to do that. They also make a very nutritional, delicious birdy bread mix, and he may just love it. My Amazons cannot wait for their birdy bread treats every other day. For your baby, the bread and pellets can be the weaning process when he feels better.

As for the handfeeding formula, make sure its a wholesome one and also make sure you are feeding it warm enough. Baby birds cannot digest room temperature formula and will have infections in their crop plus malnutrition.

The first stop needs to be the vet to look at the cyst on his beak and to weigh him and do tests for bacterial infections. Get him in as soon as is possible, and don't worry about how long it takes to wean him as Macaws are slow to develop, and weaning can take much longer. I think he is sick and that whatever is causing the sore on beak is bringing him down. Babies go down very quickly, so please take him to the vet soon as you can.

I love the entire Macaw family and would love to see this one thrive and have a happy life!

Best Regards,

May 05, 2009
by: Anonymous

You really should take your fid to an avian vet. It may be due to the continued syringe feeding and that may be why your bird isn't eating solids yet.
Also, there may be something else going on.
Please have your bird seen. I would like to know what your vet says. I hope the little guy turns out fine. :-)

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