6 week old Cockatto question

is it okay that my six week old cockatoo when it is standing it will ball up one foot is that normal?

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Jun 14, 2009
by: LInda

Birds do stand on one leg sometimes, and they will ball up and tuck foot into their feathers. They usually do this when tired and ready to rest.

If your Cockatoo is only 6 weeks old, you are, hopefully, still handfeeding it using baby parrot handfeeding formula fed with a syringe(Tracie has some out here). If not, you must get your vet or breeder to show you how. Cockatoos should not be weaned until they are a lot older than this. In the wild, Cockatoo mothers feed and then supplement their babies for 9 months to a year as these birds are slow to mature physically and emotionally. Please learn how to start handfeeding her because if you do not, she will not do well and could become seriously underweight. 6 weeks is far too young to be weaned since even smaller birds take 8 weeks or more. If you are handfeeding, that is great, if not, your bird is starving as they just can't eat enough that young to fill themselves up.

If she has not been to a vet, please take her as soon as is possible. If you already are handfeeding, make sure you understand how as it is a learned skill and novices have to be shown how to do it properly. Breeder should have shown you all you needed to learn about it, and if not, please have them do so. We're hoping that you already are doing this and know how to do it. A good start in life means everything to these parrots.

Let us know how everything goes with your new baby.


Jun 14, 2009
standing with foot balled up
by: sue

my parrots stand on one foot when on their perch, I am told this is because they feel secure

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