6 year old Indian Ring Neck balding

by Anees

Hi I have a 6 year old Indian Ringneck who lives with a 6 and half year old green cheeked conure.

6 years old yellow male (with a red ring around neck). Seems pretty healthy
- Has taken an obsessive liking to my little sisters so he's always perched on her. (Recent started like a month ago)
- Eats a variety of food - standard seeds w/ pellets/corn/some sun flower seeds - eats lentils and rice, bread etc

He loves his baths - but he hadn't taken a bath in a few days - but he did just yesterday...

He's balding around his eye and beak - I've seen them molt before - but this doesn't seem like he's molting =/
BUT ...its weird because its the same on both sides of his face? ....

Anyway - any suggestions about what it would be/what i can do to make it better? I'm washing out the cage and cleaning his stick and trying to make sure he always has clean water...is there anything else that I can do?

Thank you


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Mar 28, 2011
by: Anees

=( Seems like he's lost another feather by his face!

I dont understand what to do! He's acting completely healthy - but its very distressing =(

Mar 26, 2011
Doing Better...but still bald spot
by: Anees

Thanks for the replies.
Its definitely not the conure doing the grooming. They live and sleep/eat in the same cage (actually the conure likes to be wrapped up in a pillow case on its back - so he sleeps on his back!) But they rarely sit together on the same stick. The ringneck (Teetu) can be a bit jealous so he's always trying to get him away. (The conure (Mitu) we usually put him another cage during the daytime (if they're not open) b/c he can sneak out of his cage....and plus we have a pet dog-chicken (a rooster who thinks he's our dog - so even though he's really trained - just to be on the safe side since the conure fears nothing!)

Yeah - we're in a bit of a financial fit atm..so unfortunately an avian vet is a bit pricey. I'm keeping things clean and it might be the crappy seeds from the store x_x!! But they eat a lot of organic foods with us (actually most of their diet is the fresh fruit/ rice/ bread etc) that we eat. Throw in random licks of ice cream and other sweet dishes if they can get to them. We keep them away from the meat - however the ring neck likes meat and is always trying to get some =/ (we turn our backs - he grabs a chicken leg and tries to fly away- so we chase him down).

On the plus side: there is no more loss - so I guess the sanitary conditions are helping - do you think they'll grow back in that bald spot? (its tiny but still there!)

Mar 18, 2011
Over preening?
by: Anonymous

My first thought is that its probably nothing medically wrong, since you have him living with another bird, the conure can very well be doing whats called "over-preening" your IRN. This is just what it sounds like, the conure is focused on preening his buddy in that one particular spot to the point where the feathers have gone raw. You may have to separate the 2 birds for a while, and i am sure if thats what it is your IRN will grow those feathers back :-)

Mar 17, 2011
IRN parrot balding around eyes
by: Tracie

You are going to have to take your bird to see an avian vet to find out what is causing this. You are correct, it is not normal molting. Bald spots, especially where the bird can not reach to pluck, are usually a health issue.

It could be from his diet. If you are feeding colored pellets, non-organic fresh food, cooked food with chemicals etc., then it could be an allergic reaction, chemical poisoning or bacterial infection. Hopefully you are feeding your birds a healthy pellet like Harrison's and not the junk food pellets sold in pet store chains.

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