6 year old male IRN started biting

by Brittany M
(70 mile house, bc, canada)

Hi there, I adopted a IRN just over a year ago. He was 5 when I adopted him. The previous owner got him from an aviary, and he lived with 3 cockatiels. (before adopting my IRN, I had a cockatiel as well) anyways.

Charlie my cockatiel lived in his own cage, and ringo my IRN lived in his own cage, but always were out playing together, and with my son and I. I am a stay at home mom, so they were out all the time. Last month my cockatiel passed away. Ringo was pretty upset he was squawking ect.

I adopted another male IRN a 3 year old, his name is Carlos. They live is separate cages, they come out together but ringo walks around behind him with his wings out and nips him. And he started biting me hard. I don't trust him, especially wit my kids. His wings are clipped. And he was always done this but it's really annoying, anytime my husband goes around his cage he squawks.

I play with the birds together, and individually. When he bite I put him in his cage for a time out. It's like he hates me. He has the best food, lots of time out of his cage, lots of toys. Ive never been able to pet him, but he uae tp sit in my shoulder, give kisses, and now he bites me, squawks in my ear. Its almost like he wants to be away from me. What should I do? Thank you.

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Feb 29, 2012
Bird started biting after adding a flock member
by: Tracie

It seems that he is upset with you. I suggest you pay attention to his body language to avoid getting bit, and keep the birds from each other so they don't hurt each other too. If one bird bites the other, then you may end up with a bird needing avian vet care for an infection.

We have some training material on our Parrot Training page that may help you with training your bird to not bite you. You are doing good by returning the bird to it's cage, but you may need help with rewarding the good behavior and learning body language to avoid the bite.

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