6 year old Sun Conure started laying eggs

by Annette
(Quebec, Canada)

Hi, my Sun Conure layed an egg last Sunday and then again Saturday night. She is 6 years old (we just found out our bird is a she). I have searched the internet and some posts say this is normal, to remove the egg, others say it is dangerous or maybe a health related problem and others yet say to leave the egg or replace with a fake egg in order to discourage further laying of eggs as it may cause serious health issues.

I have no idea what I am supposed to do and the local Pet Shop who sells Sun Conures could not officially answer me as they are inexperienced with Sun Conures. Please advise as I am beginning to be very worried about my Sunny.

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Aug 08, 2011
Conure laying eggs
by: Tracie

Start with reading our Chronic Egg Laying article that was written by an avian vet. It gives a lot of valuable information from an avian vet's point of view.

If your bird is eating a high quality pellet diet, like Harrison's, then you don't have to worry about egg binding or health problems because it has all the nutrition it needs.

If the bird is interested in sitting on the egg(s) then leave them for the bird to sit on. If the bird is not interested, then remove the eggs. Of course, you have to remove any cracked or broken eggs or any eggs sitting on the bottom of the cage where feces are.

I hope all this helps and thanks for writing.

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