6mnth old African Grey parrot, lost use of one led and is limping

by zara
(peterborough uk)

hiya, I have an african grey parrot, and i noticed she starting to tilt to one side and began walkingweird, so i took her to an avain specialist in bedford 40 miles away from my home, they chacked her foot and x rayed it and did dome bloods and everything came back normal, so we were sent home with baytril and metacam for medication but a day or so later, she resulted in a habit or biting her feet, and has caused serious wounds and had to stay at the vets for a few days and had her feet bandaged up, they have put a collor round her neck, but she still is able to bite her feet, she doesn't seem to be getting better and is still no using her left leg, the vet said they will like to see her again in 4 weeks and if she's not better they will amputate her leg, and i really don't want that, is there anything else i could do to help her get better, as the vets cant do much more than amputate.

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Jul 07, 2011
My African Grey parrot last dayz !
by: Yara

How can I know if my grey African better is getting better because he had a serious viral infection which the vet informed us about it and expecting him to die in 3 dayz as maximum but I can see he is getting over it when drinking apple juice and started to be active again ??

Editor's note: Ask your vet, he/she will have the answers since they are treating your bird. P.S. If you want people to see and answer, you need to post a question, not an answer here to another question, at Parrot Questions

Oct 02, 2010
My grey had a stroke-similar symptoms
by: KAS

She lost the use of her leg, weak on one side - picking became abusive, and temporary blind on one side as well. She is on metacam for an infection created from her picking. The stroke symptoms are better. She can now see.

Feb 14, 2010
reply for my grey's illness
by: zara

thankyou for your advice, it's been very helpful, i will look for another vet, as my parrot doesn't seem to be getting better, she's sleeping alot, which she doesn't do normally. When she walks she now using her beak for support and to take weight off her legs. She has been a healthy and lively bird before this. I was told if her leg was amputated, she would learn to adjust and still be able to fly, like all other birds. I will get in touch as soon as i have more news on riya. A biopsy was not done and i had a bill of £400.

Feb 14, 2010
Avoiding amputation for African Grey
by: The Avian Vet

I feel confident that something else can be done. They did not do a biopsy? What is the history of exposure? This is possible a contact allergy to something. I see this in birds whose owners are smokers. Waiting 4 weeks for a recheck in a situation like this is too long. How about topical medications? Avi-x Soother Plus works miracles in skin disease. In my opinion you need to go to someone else for a second opinion.

Dr B

Feb 14, 2010
6mnth old African Grey parrot, lost use of one led and is limping
by: Linda

I'm sorry your bird is sick, and I am in shock that the vet's only recourse is to amputate. SOMETHING IS CAUSING THIS PROBLEM, and though this may be difficult for you, you NEED TO FIND ANOTHER AVIAN VET AND GET A SECOND OPINION. The meds this vet gave you are a very lightweight antibiotic and the other is a pain medication. Until you get a second opinion, you won't know what is wrong here, and your bird will have to live a very uncomfortable life with one leg. Also, there is the possibliity that until problem is identified, it could also effect the other leg or wings or God knows what.

See what you can do to find another Avian Vet, and I realize that may be a tall order since you already had to drive 40 miles. There, where you took your bird may be another Avian vet to consult with on this as I'm getting the feeling your present vet has not done all that needs to be done here.Make sure you get a copy of every test the other vet has already done, so you do not have to have them done over. You said bloodwork and x-rays, so get copies of all that to take to second vet if you can find one.

Let us know how this goes, and get a larger collar on your bird so she cannot bite her leg for the time being. Keep giving what the vet gave you in meds until you can find another vet for a second opinion. The metacam is a pain med, and she will need that for the time being. I would ask vet about another kind of antibiotic, but the Baytril may be okay since no one knows if this is an infection or not.

Keep in touch as this is bothering me to no end, and we would like to find out what the second vet has to say.

Many Blessings to you and your sweet Bird,

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