7 month old catilina macaw has been very quiet

by Brandy
(crossville tn)

when I purchased him from the pet store,he was load and vocal until I brought him home. He was aggressive for the first 24 hours but now is very sweet with me. He does say hello several times a day and may scream once or twice a day, but for the most part is quiet.

he loves being pet and acts like such a baby. My concern is that he is not as hyper as I have experienced with other birds and not as vocal. He seems to blush often and just started clicking his beak. I do not know if he may be sick. his feathers look good except his tail looks a little messy and I clean the poo off of it daily.his droppings are green and white (normal) except if he eats allot of grapes it gets a bit watery. the is no nasal discharge and his eyes are not cloudy. I guess i am a worry wort because he is so quiet and I have never heard of this. he does want me to hold and love him all the time and will lay with his head in my hand or down on the couch for as long as I will scratch it. Also he is doing the head bobbing hand feeding thing alot and doesn't seem to eat out of his bowl, I have to give him food by hand for him to eat. I would really love ANY advice as I am so in love with him after a month and just do not want to do wrong by him or over react just because I have such a cuddle bug. Thank you.

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Aug 23, 2011
Quiet macaw
by: Tracie

Unfortunately Dr B can not tell if your bird is sick over the Internet. He suggests that if you have not taken your bird for it's annual exam, now is the time to Find an Avian Vet to examine your bird and visit for yearly exams.

If you are cleaning poop off from under the tail, near the vent, then certainly this is a sign of illness for many birds. Being unusually quiet is also another sign. Birds will hide illness naturally, until they are very sick.

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