7 week old GC conure

by maria

hi, i have a 7 week old GC conure who i bought at 5 weeks old to finish had feeding. my question is I have always had seeds, pellets and fresh fruit/veg in the cage for him to get use to whilst still being hand fed and now he is starting to refuse his feeds (i use a spoon not syringe) what should i do? he loves egg food (but i know this has no nutrition in it) and i have seen him eating the seeds, pellets and he does eat the fruit!
should i cut out one of his hand feeds?
i weigh him every 3 days and he has lost 10g's but he has also in the last 3 days started flying so he is getting lots of exercise and i have read they do loose weight when they start fling.
many thank

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Apr 30, 2010
7 week old GC conure
by: Linda

Maria, I don't know how many times a day you are feeding him, and since he is technically at weaning age, I'd cut him back to a regular feed in the morning and one before he goes to bed at night. Make sure he has plenty of fresh food available all during the day, and concentrate more on the pellets than the seeds as seeds are a poor diet, and he will naturally want them more than anything else, so keep them in low quantity. Fresh fruit and veggies should be no more than 10-15% of the entire diet, so keep this in moderation as well. You want him to wean onto an organic, high quality pellet and that will be his main diet from now on. If you're not feeding organic pellets , take a look at the ones Tracie has out here, and get some for him. The other pellets appear to be cheaper and that is because you and your bird are getting what you pay for which is sugar, preservatives, possible pesticide and fertilizer residue, so go with one of the organics for your bird's size.

To sum up, cut his feeds down to twice a day, morning and night, and by another month or less, take it down to either one in the morning or one at night just in case he played with his food more than he ate during the day. Weaning babies do play with their food a lot, so make sure to keep weighing him and this will tell you whether he's actually eating or playing.I'd be more inclined to feed at night, and then if he has not eaten enough, he'll be ready to eat before he sleeps. Just work with the bird as they all like to wean in different ways.

Keep us posted and thanks for writing,

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