7 year old blue fronted amazon

by Les
(Ga, USA)

I adopted a 7 yr old blue front amazon. it is very aggressive and does not like to be handled. The previous owners stated it said words here and there and that it just needed to get used to me. So far I am able to hand feed it but thats it. It does not act as if it were ever tamed.

I need help in taming it and getting it to bind with me. I can tell it trusts me a bit more than the first day though. Another thing is that it makes this annoying sound all of the time. I havent heard it say any word or even whistle. Its the same euuuheehh sound all day every day. It even screams when my 3 year old talks.
Any sugestions?

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Nov 01, 2010
by: DebT

One thing I have found about Amazons - they are non-stop talkers. If you talk, they talk, the louder you get, the louder they get, if you don't talk, they will talk for you. That is a characteristic of every Amazon I have ever met. They love to be the center of attention and they are not quiet birds. Mine finds the most annoying sound possible and when he is cranky or cannot see me, that is the sound he will make - over and over and over again until I come back in the room and/or tell him to knock it off he doesn't have to scream. I don't know HOW he knows what sounds make me crazy, but he does and uses them frequently! Talk softly to your Amazon - even whisper - and give it time to get to know you. Stop often just to say hi, tell it when you leave the room where you are going and that you will be back, they understand a lot more than we give them credit for. Get it used to "stepping up" on to a dowel or perch and interact as much as you can - it won't take long for you to build some trust. That is what I have learned from my rescued Mealy Amazon - he is a great pal now and aside from being a chatterbox, is a dear. Give it time and keep working at it. You'll have good and bad days but it will eventually come.

Oct 30, 2010
7 year old blue fronted amazon
by: Linda

It sounds as if this bird has been neglected, and if that is the case, he does not understand the first thing about what or who you want him to do or be.

First, before any training, he must be checked over by an Avian Vet in your driving area. I say driving area because you will have to go to where the Avian Vet is because regular dog and cat vets do not know how to diagnose or treat birds and are not even licensed to do so.

Have Avian Vet check for bacterial infections, viral infections, parasites and have bloodwork done to see how organs are functioning. This visit is one of the most important things you can do for your bird. If he is sick, he will not be able to learn because he feels so bad, so make sure he is physically fit before any training.

As for the sound he makes all day, this also points to either illness or neglect or both. Please understand that this bird is in need of your love and patience right now. Your criticism is doing him no good whatsoever because birds are not robots who can be programmed as we wish them to be. If he has never been around children, he will not immediately like your baby, and keep him away from her as this could be a dangerous situation. Little children move too fast for parrots, and they make them very nervous. Give him time, take him to the Avian Vet, and get him onto an organic pelleted diet so he can come back to health. For birds who have been neglected, it takes sometimes take a year or more to get them back to health, so be patient, and let him know he can trust you and rely on you to do the right things. Trust is earned not freely given, ever.

Here is link about changing from seed to pellets and do not make any changes until he has been cleared by an Avian Vet. We can talk more about training later on when he is ready.
Switching Birds to Pellets article.


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