8 Week old Hahns Macaw - clear discharge from nostrils?

by John
(Orlando, FL)

I have a 8 week old Hahns Macaw hand feeding 3x 20cc (ZuPreem) per day. I noticed this morning a clear discharge from his nostils. Is this a cold and can I treat it? Very concerned!!! HELP PLEASE!

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Aug 18, 2011
8 Week old Hahns Macaw - clear discharge from nostrils?
by: Linda

Sorry, John, but you have to take him immediately to an Avian Vet in your driving area. This is a sign of a bacterial infection that will need to be diagnosed as to what type of infection it is and treated with only meds from a licensed Avian Vet. Please do not take him to a dog and cat vet as they are not even licensed to treat birds and do nothing and charge you for it or kill your bird and charge you more for it. Also, do not give him anything bought over the counter especially from a pet store as these meds are very harsh and too much for a baby's liver and kidneys to process. The Avian Vet will give you meds that will get him back on his little feet in short order.

Also, I wish you would take a look at the baby parrot handfeeding formulas we have on this site as ZuPreem is not a high quality food which may account for baby having upper respiratory problems. You can also get high quality food in most pet stores who also sell birds. Please consider the change as it can mean your baby is getting a good start or he will be sick all the time for lack of high quality food. Also, wean him onto one of the organic pellets found here as ZuPreem is junk food full of sugar, dye, preservatives and pesticide/fertilizer residue. Get him started off right, and you'll find you have few vet bills coming up in the near and far future. Harrison's is the best and is Avian Vet endorsed. For variety, there are several other good ones to try as babies like different shapes and textures of foods when they are weaning. Diet is 80% organic pellets with only 15-20% in fruit or veggies which means small amounts a few times a week once baby is weaned. During weaning, make sure baby is eating mostly organic pellets as this is how he will grow strong.

Thanks for writing, and I adore the entire Macaw family and your baby is very special indeed.

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