9 week old Green Cheek Conure Strange behavior!

by Karen

Hi Guys,
My GC Conure is sweet, engaging, eats plenty of fruits, veggies, pellets etc and is in the process of being weaned from formula. (Actually she's regressing it seems but that's a whole other story).However, she throws these little temper tantrums when she gets overtired or mad and will throw herself down on the floor or on her side like a little child and grab her face with her feet and massage her neck and screech and bite if we go near her. When she decides she's over it she's fine again. I'm not so concerned about seizures because she only does this when she's agitated. Tonight she saw it raining for the first time and it freaked her out. She's normally pretty brave. She was very clingy and anxious for awhile afterward and kept letting out a little whimpering chirp. When it stopped raining I took her outside and she seemed better but then in her cage appeared a little clumsy?! Any ideas on any of this strange stuff? She's our first conure. We don't know what's normal or not...

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Jul 18, 2010
Temper tantrums!
by: Karen

We took our little girl to the vet along with a video of her behavior. The Avian vet laughed and said she was having temper tantrums. We were relieved to hear her behavior is very different from seizures thankfully. We went ahead and had a physical including toxicity bloodwork etc. just in case. This little girl is something else!

Jul 16, 2010
by: Anonymous

Thanks Linda. We are taking her tomorrow afternoon to an avian vet to have her checked out.

Jul 13, 2010
9 week old Green Cheek Conure Strange behavior!
by: Linda

Your bird is NOT HAVING TEMPER TANTRUMS, she is having seizures and needs to be seen immediately by an Avian Vet in your driving area.

Any kind of agitation can bring on a seizure, and there is no way to know what is causing them without an Avian Vet's help in finding the source.

Many things can cause poisoning and seizure activity, so tell the Avian vet what kind of cage your bird is in and what kinds of toys she has. Only buy toys with stainless or nickel-plated hardware like connections, hangers and chains. The hardware made from zinc and coming from China is likely to be poison as they are using Cadmium to mix with the Zinc because it is a quicker cheaper process to make items. Zinc is as bad a poison as is lead, so keep it away from your bird. Cages with lead and/or zinc in or on them can cause poisoning as well, and all these toxins can and do cause seizure acitivity as well as permanent kidney and liver damage. Bad water is another source of toxins, so you may wish to have your drinking water tested for safety. What seems okay is not okay for a small bird like this. Most everyone's drinking water is polluted, and there are companies who supply reverse osmosis filtering systems to help with this. We rent our under the sink reverse osmosis filter system, and our birds and dogs and us are doing very well. Fruit and veggies can be polluted by pesticide/fertiziler residue, so only feed certified organic foods to your bird. Never feed any human food or drink to a bird either as this leads to all kinds of physical problems and death.

Find an Avian Vet and get this bird in quickly because whatever is wrong here is likely to kill her. I've never seen a bird afraid of rain, so even the behaviors you THINK are okay are subject to question. I think she is one sick little bird.


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