9 yr old Quaker Parrot

by Jessica
(New York City)

Hi! My Quaker just turned 9 years old. He seems very happy and has an active lifestyle. He has a sunflower seed diet and he also eats dinner with me and my husband. He likes chicken/steak, carbs, bread/pasta/rice/potatoes and loves beans. Not sure if this is healthy for him. Also, in the spring, he starts humping and he will drool a yellow thin liquid. He has done this for a few years....Anything I should worry about? I have never taken him to the Vet....is this something I should do? Thanks for your help!

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May 04, 2014
by: Anonymous

As one NewYorker to another "%$#%Q#$^**".

sounds like your bird is suffering from fatty liver disease, Quakers are prone to this. And the first thing people say is dont feed you quaker a seed diet let alone sunflower seeds. get him off that stuff and slowly introduce him to pellets. Get him some "Harrison's Adult Lifetime Fine" or any kind of pellet food. your slowly killing your bird if you care that is.

At least take him to the vet once in his poor life.

Jan 03, 2013
Terrible diet!
by: Anonymous

I think people are being kind here... that is a terrible diet to feed a Quaker and it will inevitably lead to very serious problems!

Dec 01, 2012
Your Parrots diet
by: Logical Conclusion

Well there are certain kinds of parrots that can't handle the fat in sunflower seeds primarly the larger kinds of parrots like Blue and Gold Macaws etc. However if your bird is healthy and happy then well go with the flow. I healthy mix should be given to your bird and let him decide what he wants to eat. I suppose as a human I would be healthier if I didn't eat fatty foods like real butter and double cream and or if I didn't smoke or drink but hey it worked for my Great grandparents and they lived in their 90's and my great grandfather grandfather was 103 so yeah. Most of my pets have always been christian scientist in that I didn't take them to the vet this being dogs they usually live way longer than their life expectancy by several years and they eat what they want. In 40 years if your talking monkey (thats what I refer to my parrot as) is still on his perch raising hell then your good to go.

Feb 10, 2011
Oozing yellow liquid is OK if during masturbation
by: Anonymous

1. His diet needs to be changed. Some people will argue that he needs to be on organic food only which seems to be the ?extreme? of healthy (as some say). Others will tell you seeds are fine. It depends. The bottom line: sunflower seeds are twinkies for birds. Of course they LOVE them, but they?re really not good for them. They?re great for wild birds because they need the fat and the extra energy. Domestic birds, even very active ones, do not and should not have sunflower seeds. I?ve been told it?s a lot like a drug and is just all around bad for them. Give him 1 or 2 every week as a special treat, but no more than that. And as for bird food, if you prefer not to get him pellets, get him seeds for parakeets. I get Kaytee pro-health (blue bag) parakeet food. Same stuff as the cockatiel food and parrot food minus the sunflower seeds. I also throw in ZuPreem natural diet pellets. He seems to like them but not enough to switch over 100% so I let him be picky.
2. Yellow liquid: is completely OK. I called my vet today and asked about it and he said don?t worry. It has something to do with producing food for his young ... he said it way better than that but the bottom line is he?s OK and nothing?s wrong IF and ONLY IF that happens ONLY when he?s masturbating. If it happens any other time that can be something serious.
3. SOME pasta is ok. Like a piece a day. Birds are good at eating a lot of things that aren?t very good for them (kind of like us humans, haha) but the bad thing is birds metabolisms are different from ours, so eating our way for too long might cut his lifespan short. Chicken is good for them, and beans are also good.
4. Going to the vet is essential. Birds do not show symptoms of being sick or ill. In the wild, birds that showed that they were ill or injured would be attacked first from predators. So birds have evolved to hide their pain. If you ever see a bird in pain, it?s probably too late, or very close to it because it means it?s not strong enough to pretend to be healthy. I?ve known people who have birds and never take them to the vet ? they?re often OK but they die a lot earlier from things that could have been prevented. I?d take yours to a vet every other year if you think it?s ?too expensive? for a check-up.

May 02, 2009
Quaker parrot on bad diet
by: The Vet

First, his diet is not a healthy one for him. He needs to be on pellets as 80% of his diet. The other foods ? table foods, seeds, vegetables (no steak) are all treats and should not be more than 20% of the diet. Humping or masturbating is a normal behavior, but the drooling may not be. You should take your bird in to see an avian veterinarian at least one a year for check ups and vaccinations.

Dr B

May 01, 2009
Poor Diet Lacking in Basic Parrot Nutrition
by: Anonymous

I agree with all the other comments. Your bird does not need to eat sunflower seeds or peanuts. It also does not need to eat red meat or chicken of any sort as these meats come from factory farms where animals live in horrible unsanitary conditions, and are slaughtered with various illnesses and even cancers in their bodies.

Changing to a wholesome pelleted diet can be difficult for a bird with habits like this one so it won't happen in a day and maybe not in even weeks. Start out by putting a very thin layer of seeds on bottom with some organic pellets on the top according to feeding instructions on package. Harrison's is a great diet, and it took me a long time to get my seed eating Amazons to change over. What I finally did to make it taste better to them was to add a little (few drops) of organic apple juice to pellets and let them soak it up for a little while so food became softer. They loved this and started right in on it. I also feed my birds baked sweet potato and use Zupreem's fine Canary grind as "sprinkles" on top for them.

I also buy Harrisons Birdy Bread mixes, and they love this. My two parrots eat only Harrisons and some sweet potato occasionally plus the Birdy Bread. Green veggies are also good if they are organically grown and in their raw form. Do not feed your bird anything coming from most groceries as they have been sprayed with chemicals and are unhealthy for people as well. It costs a little more to feed corectly, and you will be saving your bird's life by doing so. Your bird is important, and his life is priceless.

Also take bird to vet at least once a year so tests can be performed for various bacterial infections, weight can be taken and you can discus any concerns/problems with them.

Apr 29, 2009
Not a healthy diet
by: Anonymous

I also have a 9 yr. old quaker., and a 3 yr. old. My 3 yr old had a similar diet to yours when I adopted her, anbd my vet told me it was a wonder she had lived as long as she did with no major damage. The diet you are feeding is not healthy. Sunflower seeds are very high in fat and should only be fed in very small amounts. Any all seed diet is bad. Work on getting your quaker on some pellets with a small seed intake on the side. Table foods are good, but no onions, avacodos, chocolate or caffine. Concentrate on veggies instead of all the carbs. Your bird will probably be resistant at first, but keep offering. Mine accepted veggies much better when put through a food chopper, and cooked, gradually changing over to raw. Start with corn, its sweet and usually accepted well. There is a list on this site with good and bad foods for birds. Please work on enhancing the diet, or it can cause many many health problems, including liver disease, which can be fatal.
Any kind of drainage or discharge is not normal. Please take your bird to an avian vet . This would also be a great opportunity to discuss diet and diet change stratigies with your vet. Good luck.

Apr 29, 2009
by: Lori

He really needs to be on a organic pellet diet like Harrison's or Totally Organics Pellets as well as fruit and vegetables. Sunflower seeds are very high in fat.

Apr 29, 2009
Terrible diet for a parrot
by: Ann

You really need to work with your parrot to get him to eat differently and also take him to an avian vet soon.

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