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Parrot's Cove Newsletter, Issue #001 -- At last!
July 28, 2006

Well here it is, our first newsletter! Thank you all for subscribing to Parrotís Cove.

I will try to make everything short and quick, because I know you have more mail to read and your time is valuable. Let me know what you like and donít like or any suggestions for content. After all, this is for you!

New Stories and Pictures

BEWARE those with MBS! (That is Multiple Bird Syndrome.)

We now have a button that will take you to all of the stories, so you donít have to go to the species page to find them. I know you will enjoy reading these stories even if you arenít looking for another parrot, however you may want more after reading them. :o)

If you have sent me pictures and stories, and they are not listed, they will be in the next Parrots Cove Newsletter. I am working at getting them up!

Donít forget, if you have pictures and information you would like to share, send them to me. I know we are helping a lot of people (and birds I might add). Several people have already written me to tell me so.

Gigiís parrots are the featured parrots for this monthís issue. Her stories will encourage some of you that you CAN rescue some parrots and have a great relationship. Please read her stories!

Problems Fixed

We have made it easier for everyone to add Breeders and Photos to the site. Sorry for the inconvenience with our previous method.

Now you can suggest your favorite breeders without the hassle, and when you send your friends to the site, they can get the E-mail address for sending their photos and information their first visit.

Parrot Training Page

We just started working on our Parrot Training page. We have four great articles so far, one on Recall Training written by Darren, one on Screaming Parrots written by Darlene, one on African Greyís by Chet and one on Biting Parrots written by me.

Chet is offering a FREE Three Day Parrot Training Course and Video! He has some really good information and he wonít spam you when you give him your Email address. You can unsubscribe easily. Once youíve read what he shares for free, Iím sure you will want to purchase his whole system!

Take advantage of his E-course today!

We are working on more articles and will eventually have them in an organized fashion. If you have any suggestions or would like to contribute an article, please let us know.

Links for all our needs, including pet specific gifts!

We are still trying to collect links to all the best places to shop, great breeders, and great parrot sites. Please let me know your suggestions.

Here is one of my favorite links: - This is where you will find a great Photo Gallery of parrots. Also, check out the popular list of names for your birds, and the "License to Brag" web page. Also, view the latest on Bird T-Shirts, Pet Magazines, Pet Collectors items and more. It's all about YOUR PARROT!

We also are linked with a pet specific gift website now. Just click on The Pet Gift Store button and you will find all kinds of coasters, calendars, address labels, note holders, jewelry and a bunch more stuff all with your favorite parrot, animal or even bug on them!

Important Information

I would like to include important information and tips in every newsletter. Below are the topics I have thought of, if you have more let me know.

Please send me your thoughts, information and opinions if you have any.

Natural remedies for minor avian health problems The great pellet debate Plucking problems Biting problems Screaming problems

Coming Up . . .

We hope to soon have our own Discount Parrot Supplies store! We really mean it when we say we want to be your ďOne Stop Parrot Resource.Ē

Tell me what you wish. I donít expect that our site would be the only site that you would visit. I just want to become your launching pad when you need something. I want you to be able to save time by coming here to find links to the information or item you are looking for, instead of having to stare at search engine data for hours.

Let me know your wishes. We will add it to our list.

Well, thatís it for now. Thanks for everyoneís encouragement and support!

Oh! Speaking of support, we have a link on our pages where you can vote for us. Please vote for us when you get the chance. It doesn't take long, but it helps our ratings.


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