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Parrot's Cove Newsletter, Issue #002
October 24, 2006

It has been a while since we sent out our first newsletter. We had a family emergency last month and just got back home. Sorry to neglect you all!

We have opened our Parrot Supply Store!

Please stop by and visit our new store.

For now we have Cages, Toys, Manzanita Stands, Lixit Bottles (the safe kind) and some great dry veggie/fruit mixes.

We are planning on adding flight suits, lighting, cleansers, perches and more.

Honestly, I don't raise the prices more than a few dollars because I want to make it easy on people to provide quality items for their parrots.

If you are looking for something I don't have, Email me and I'll see if I can get it for you.

New Stories and Pictures

If you have sent me pictures and stories, and they are not listed, they will be in the next Parrots Cove Newsletter. I am working at getting them up! If you just sent me pictures, then please send some information to go along with the pics.

We need more stories and pictures! Don't forget, if you have pictures and information you would like to share, send them to me. I know we are helping a lot of people (and birds I might add). Several people have already written me to tell me so.

Atalantae's Mexican Red Headed Amazon has a rescue story is worth reading.

Read Atalantae's story

Amy has lots and lots of parrots and most of them are rescues. This little Sun Conure even baby sits other babies and saved a life once. The next story after it is about his cage mate, an Orange Winged Amazon.

Read about Amy's Sun Conure

Read about Amy's Orange Winged Amazon

Products with your photos on them just in time for Christmas!

We are still trying to collect links to all the best places to shop, great breeders, and great parrot sites. Please let me know your suggestions.

I have made a page for three links because they are all great for finding the perfect gift with your parrot's photo or other pictures on them. Many items have parrots already on them if you don't want your own bird pictured. Follow the path below to see what I'm talking about.

We have photo checks, calendars, mugs, notes and lots more.

Make your unique photo gift here.

Parrot Training Articles

We just started working on our Parrot Training page. We have four great articles so far, one on Recall Training written by Darren, one on Screaming Parrots written by Darlene, one on African Grey’s by Chet and one on Biting Parrots written by me.

Chet is offering a FREE Three Day Parrot Training Course and Video! He has some really good information and he won’t spam you when you give him your Email address. You can unsubscribe easily. Once you’ve read what he shares for free, I’m sure you will want to purchase his whole system!

Take advantage of his E-course today!

We are working on more articles and will eventually have them in an organized fashion. If you have any suggestions or would like to contribute an article, please let us know.

Important Information

I would like to include important information and tips in every newsletter. Below are the topics I have thought of, if you have more let me know.

Please send me your thoughts, information and opinions if you have any.

Natural remedies for minor avian health problems
The great pellet debate
Plucking problems
Biting problems
Screaming problems

Coming Up . . .

We are adding new items all the time to our Parrot Supply Store. We really mean it when we say we want to be your “One Stop Parrot Resource.”

Tell me what you wish. I don’t expect that our site would be the only site that you would visit. I just want to become your launching pad when you need something. I want you to be able to save time by coming here to find links to the information or item you are looking for, instead of having to stare at search engine data for hours.

Let me know your wishes. We will add it to our list.

Well, that’s it for now. Thanks for everyone’s encouragement and support!


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