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Parrot's Cove Newsletter, Issue #003
November 21, 2006

The Holiday Season is upon us! Like it or not, Thanksgiving is about to come and go, so it’s time to get the shopping over with so we can relax and enjoy the season.

Perfect Gifts for Pet and Bird Lovers!

We are offering a couple of great new things with no profit on our part. We are just providing the shopping cart and Credit Card or PayPal payment processing.

Please help support these two individuals in their efforts to support themselves.

Custom Pet Portraits by Dani

Custom Portraits of your or someone else’s Parrot(s) are the perfect gift. I discovered Dani’s art on a Yahoo group I am on. She has made some people on the list very happy with her work!

Check out Dani's work here.

Victoria’s Sassy Straw Bird Toys

Victoria is a sweet bed ridden friend of mine. She doesn’t want to lay idle in bed, so she makes these fun toys for birds to help support herself. She will even re-fill the toy for you if you send the chain back to her!

Our birds love straw toys to chew and attack. You can make special requests since every one is unique. Order some straw toys for your birds and for others as gifts today.

Order your Sassy Straw Bird Toy here.

Products with your photos on them just in time for Christmas!

We are still trying to collect links to all the best places to shop, great breeders, and great parrot sites. Please let me know your suggestions.

I have made a page for three links because they are all great for finding the perfect gift with your parrot's photo or other pictures on them. Many items have parrots already on them if you don't want your own bird pictured. Follow the path below to see what I'm talking about.

We have photo checks, calendars, mugs, notes and lots more.

Make your unique photo gift here.

Bird Training Help

Chet is offering a FREE Three Day Parrot Training Course and Video! He has some really good information and he won't spam you when you give him your Email address.

You can unsubscribe easily. Once you've read what he shares for free, I'm sure you will want to purchase his whole system!

Take advantage of his E-course today!

Well, that’s it for now. Thanks for everyone’s encouragement and support!



Keep sending us your parrot stories and pictures! I hope to work on them over the holidays and have them ready by the next newsletter.

It is helpful if you send each story/pictures separately to

Thanks again and have a joyful holiday season! Tracie

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