A baby parakeet cant walk well

by Claudia
(Whittier, California, United States)

One of our parakeet couples had its babies about 2/3 months agao. And and the second youngest decided to come out of its nest as soon as it could walk. When we saw the babay outside, we decided to put it back in because its feathers still hadn't completely grown. But the baby just kept getting out. So finally after the thrid time, she stayed inside the nest.

But she came out again about a week later. This time, her first feathers had almost completed their growth. She was walking normaly except she had a lot of dried poop on its toes. I thought her own parents would help take of the poop off from the baby like they had done previosly. I waited for two days but they didn't do anything. So I got the parakeet and took off the poop.

At first she didn't stand up, but then she began moving. However this week, i began to notice she looks really tired and would spend her whole time laying down on the floor when she isnt eating.I though it was because it was from the heat, even though they are located under an orange tree. Then i noticed that she would refuse to walk. So i thought she had slpayed legs and i checked her today but her legs were fine. The problem seemed to come from her feet, they did not have any force.

Her feet seem to be really week and they dont grab on to anything. so she sticks to the part of the cage that has a solid floor. When i carry her, she wont bite me but just lays down, with her legs under her, but her toes are facing inwards. She eats and drinks water, but struggles to get to the water. Today her feather wer puffed up and she looked really tired. What is wrong with her and what can I do to help her?

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Sep 05, 2009
Sick Baby
by: Linda

Bacterial infections are very common in baby birds. In fact, during the early feeding time, each baby should be weighed with a gram scale every day. If a baby does not gain weight every day, then an infection is probable.

Your baby bird is very sick at this point, and you must make an appointment with an Avian vet in your area like yesterday. She is getting sicker and sicker and will die if not treated. The other babies are most likely sick as well, so take them all in at same time for tests to see if they have bacterial infections. Bacterial infections are highly contageous and parents may even have infections. Take the babies in first and then take the parents in as well. The one that has been coming out of the nest may also have bruised, broken or sprained her legs and feet falling to the floor of cage.

Thanks for writing and let us know what vet had to say about your birds.

PS Bacterial infections present with runny, gummy stools which is why it stuck to her feathers. This is a classic sign of infection. Parents most likely have same kind of infection from trying to keep baby clean. Please take whole family to Avian vet, and understand that you have learned a valuable lesson about birds and breeding. It costs more than you'll ever get from the babies if they are taken care of properly.

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