A friend for my cockatoo?

by maggie

i have a wonderful pet cockatoo who is only 4 months old. the whole family loves and enjoys her. i am wondering if it would work to get a second parrot perhaps and african grey, who is also a baby. would they still love humans and each other if we have them both as babies. my hope is so when we go away on vacations they have each other. our family has 7 people so there is ample attention for the birds.

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Sep 20, 2011
Adding another bird
by: Tracie

If the other parrot will be kept in a separate cage, this is a wonderful idea. Please keep in mind how many years these birds live. Who will be caring for these birds 30 - 40 years from now? These birds are a lifetime commitment, really.

Make sure you have plans for who will care for these birds many years from now. Also, realize that more birds = more noise and LOTS more mess to clean up.

You also have to have someone that will be able to care for these birds when you go on vacations. It is a great idea to get another bird, I am just wanting you to make sure you have all the bases covered.

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