a little African Grey (congo) help please?

by Raigan
(Tallahassee, Florida, USA)

i rescued an 8 year old african grey frm a home that simply fed and watered him, then put him away in his cage and ignored him (please not, the food was obviously not a lot...he was underweight!).

we got him to a healthy weight, hes no longer dehidrated, and he spends the night in his cage (which has so many toys, its more like a play pen! lol), but his days among his new family.
he seems to have bonded with me the most. i LOVE this. but because of his past home life, he doesnt seem to know how to talk. he whistels a lot, and i find it cute, but id like for him to learn how to talk if possible. i give him treats for the two things he can say, which are "hiiii" and "awe", and he still says them rarely. but he'll whisle themesongs and sirens all day long. i know that he's learning what we're teaching him. is it possible he just doesnt want to talk?

also, is there anything i can do to make our bond even deeper? he dances non stop as soon as i enter the room. its quite cute. but i just want to make sure that he gets all the attention and love he deserves, as i cant imagine how someone could ignore this handsome bird.

his feathers on his back are almost all back!! :D

sorry for the long post

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Apr 01, 2011
teaching your little African Grey Congo to talk
by: Debbie Howard

I am the very proud MOM of ErnieB, 11 yr. old male African Congo grey male. He is a gem to say the least. I purchased my darling at 5 wks. old and finished his weaning myself(experienced breeder and hand feeder at that time). By the time he was 12 wks of age he could say his name, Ernie and a few simple words. You can begin with simple words, like baby, then spell the word, the say the word again, do this for a few minutes several times per day, and once that is accomplished and your darling says the word, a reward is given, favoriate treat is always a nice reward.
I choose simple words at first, say the word, spell the word, and say it again, way a few seconds and do it again, after a while your baby will begin talking.

Ernie loves to call the Nascar races, lol, Oh yes, he screams and yells when they wreck into the wall, if 10 cars wreck, it is boom 10 times!!!!!

Your baby came from a horrible, terrible home, with horrible living conditions, so please give the beautiful angel time to readjust and understand that you and the "flock" will never ever hurt him/her and after baby is comfortable in his/her mind all will be fine.

Mar 29, 2011
Thank you for having a heart!
by: Anonymous

Hello, so refreshing to hear that there are people out there like you who are willing to adopt the less fortunate birds! I adopted a grey as well when she was 11. Even though she was not ill in any way, I can totally relate to the process of building a relationship and bond. But i do have to say that even tho you are flattered that he is attached to you, being "over-bonded" can create issues. For one, if you live with other people, he could become a danger to them in a sense where YOU become his and he will protect you from any other human interaction. unfortunatly my grey loves me and if my mom is ever around, she will literally chase her away trying to bite her feet ! Or if he is sitting on your shoulder he can outright attack your face if a stranger approaches you! This doesnt always happen but is a possibility so do research on over-bonding (especially male birds).

It is always very important to socialize your bird with many people as posssible. In the warmer months i take my bird everywhere from softball games to the store so she is familiar with being handeled by many people. As far as talking, each bird is an individual. He will speak if he wants, just dont ever expect it. I hope this helps. goodluck with your new forever friend, bless you for giving this bird a second chance! :)

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