A little problem with Lovebirds

My Lovebirds Max & Ruby love getting out of their cage. As soon as I open the door out they come. The problem is getting them back in their cage, Max is a little easier to get back in but Ruby is the real problem. Any suggestions on how to get them back in would help. I have only had them 2 weeks so I know they still need to get used to me, and learn to trust me.

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Jan 23, 2008
Getting birds back in cage
by: Tracie


We throw a light towel over our birds that are not hand tame to catch them when they escape. You must be VERY careful when picking them up not to squeeze them, they have hollow bones.

It is best to let the birds out in a bathroom or small room. Cover the windows and mirrors so that they don't fly into them. This give a smaller area to catch them in.

The more you chase a bird the more frightened they become. It is best, in my opinion, to not let them out until they are hand tame.

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