A New Friend

by Tanner
(Port Moody Canada)

I just acquired a lovebird from a women who could no longer care for her. I already have 2 cockatiels in my home that share a cage with each other they are about 2 years old, 1 male 1 female. I just had a custom cage built for my cockatiels and it is more then big enough for the both of them. I was wondering if after easing the 3 of them into meeting, if they could share the big cage with one another. Is there any potential hazards to consider and/or is it just simply not a good idea.

TY Tanner

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Sep 05, 2008
A New Friend
by: Kralice4u

Whether or not the two cockatiels will accept the new bird is trial and error. I normally advize people that have a breeding pair of birds to keep them seperatee from the other birds.(Breeding pairs tend to be a bit aggressive when anyone or anything comes around a nest of eggs or hatchlings). If you are patient you can slowly introduce the new bird to the others when they are outside of the cage.
This is a hard situation to explain as all birds are different. Some are docile and welcome a new one to the flock and some are not as welcoming. I have a Nanday Conure that does not like anything NEW in the room where he is unless he has seen it and gotten used to it-outside of the room first. On the other hand I have another Conure that would not mind if Godzilla came in the room!
These things take time and patience. One you introduce your new bird to the others, note what everyone's reaction is before you put him into the cage with them. Afterwards, if everyone gets along fine then it is ok, but always be observant. Once again, if the two cockatiels begin to mate, please move the other bird to another cage!

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