a new parrot with five cats??

by Barbara

Chloe was my African Grey...she died almost three years ago and I am still grieving.

Chloe came to us before the cats...they were kittens when they met her so they never threatened her. But, I was always afraid so I kept her inside her cage more than I should have.

Now I have five grown cats. Can I safely bring a bird into my house?

I know you always have to supervise when a bird is out with other animals but even so, a cat can move so quickly !

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Thank you.

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Nov 04, 2009
a new parrot with five cats??
by: Linda

Well, birds and cats can live together in the same home with a few exceptions. These exceptions are cats who have hunted at some point in their lives. Hunting cats will stalk the birds and the birds are always on edge which will show in health issues. With 5 cats, you're going to have to really supervise them closely. Most cats and dogs are afraid of the birds with the bigger beaks and will steer clear of them. With a ratio of 5 to 1, you may be in for some problems. You cannot leave bird in cage all the time. What could work is to put the cats in another room with their food, water, litterbox and toys for a while each day or a few times a day so bird can come out and play without fear. It will take bird time to adjust to new home, and you can help by keeping the cat interaction to a minimum for a while.

We had to get creative with our cats and birds. We had a separate bedroom, and we put our birds in there and put a screen door into room that could be closed when cats were around. We adopted a feral mother cat's kitten, and the kitten had seen mother hunt, so went directly to parrot's cage and jumped on it. Cats can be badly hurt by parrots who decide to come down and take a toe off, so a room for your new bird may be just the thing. Make sure room is close to where you are a lot. Our bird's room now is next to but not too near the kitchen, and they feel a a part of things. We have big dogs now, and no cats, so we leave their door open all the time as dogs don't bother them. Most cats will lose interest too after a time, it's just the 5 cats that bothers me in this case.

Keep us posted and be very careful to keep them away from bird at first and let everyone get to know everyone for a while. You may very well be able to have both cats and bird out at the same time later on if you are in the room. If a cat scratches or bites a bird, most of them die of the infection that comes from the attack. Cats have a very potent bacteria coming from their mouths and claws, so keep it in mind.

Thanks for writing and the best to you all,

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