A pair of mating double yellow headed amazons

by John

Not a big deal or anything , I know these pair of birds been mating a couple of times a day, but I seen something out of the ordinary yesterday, the female was acting like a youg baby parrot and being fed by the male , by regurgitation, is this normal ? Or are they practicing for when they do have chicks ? For the record , they do not have eggs yet, but have been spending time playing house with there nesting box a lot. the female is also hillarious when she is in the box she does a lot of her singing, and talking in the box , it sounds funny because it echoes out of the hole, anyhow thought I would share that.

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Mar 30, 2011
A pair of mating double yellow headed amazons
by: Linda

The feeding you're talking about IS breeding behavior and means birds are truly bonded. The regurgitation is also a way of showing affection for you, a pet or a favorite toy. I had a Scarlet Macaw who loved riding in the car and would regurgitate when we went fast as well as spread her wings out and flap.

Make sure you have backdoor access to your nestbox and also make sure you have put in slider door notches right behind the hole that is inside the cage. The reason for the slider door is to keep both birds away from you when you are checking the eggs and weighing/feeding the babies everyday. If you do not put in the slider door, you may be severely attacked when you go to work with either eggs or babies. You will see your male especially change from a friendly sweet bird to a full out monster once eggs are laid and being sat on. The Amazons are fierce when breeding, so take no chances. The slider door I'm talking about fits into slits or grooves in the top of the box behind the hole and can be very thin wood. It is loaded from the top and outside the cage so it is safe to do so.

Also be sure you know how to handfeed baby birds using baby parrot handfeeding formula with a syringe because it is a learned skill. If you have a breeder nearby, see if they could show you how to mix, heat and feed the food properly because if you do not know how to do it, you can aspirate the baby and cause pneumonia which will be fatal. Too cold or too hot food is also dangerous for babies. Weighing them everyday is a must because when even one of them does not gain weight, it means an infection is present in all of them, and they will die without Avian Vet diagnosis and treatment.

Good Luck and keep us posted,

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