a parrot who talks

by alya
(United Arab Emirates, Sharjah)

how can I teach my African Grey Parrot to talk?
please help me, I really need help, because if my parrot will not talk they will sell it and take him really far far away.
Please halp !!

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Dec 19, 2009
by: Hillary

My dad played a 'loop tape' for Ann every day while the family was at work that said 'not guilty!" and that's what she says. It repeated hundreds of times a day until the family got home. I taught her a few phrases, and she says 'hello' in about six different voices from back in the day before caller ID. She sings, and has a few things she picked up, like other bird's names.

Your grey should talk better than any bird. But its for loving, otherwise you can get tickle me Elmo and it will say whatever you want all day. I hope you get to keep your pet but they have to settle in before they talk and it sounds lke you haven't had it long. Some talk better than others. How far is far away? That is so odd.

Dec 19, 2009
a parrot who talks
by: Linda

African Greys are the best mimics and talkers in the world of birds. If your bird is ill, he will not talk, so if you have an Avian Vet in your area, take him in for a checkup.

Only healthy birds learn to talk, and with the Greys, they learn all the time without anyone having to teach them anything.

Have your family take your bird to an Avian (bird) vet to be examined to see if he is sick. ANY SICK BIRD WILL NOT TALK, AND ALL OF THEM CAN BE OR GET SICK.


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