a pigeon with broken beak

by Flora
(Tehran, Iran)

It's about three days I'v found a pigeon that Its lower beak has broken and it can't close its beak. I got it to a vet and he told me that if I close its beak it might get healthy. I colsed its beak with tape and I should open the tape to feed it. It has become a little better but I don't think it works. I really want to help it but I don't know what to do.

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May 01, 2011
A surviver
by: tilleylyman

we had a pidgeon hit our bedroom window in September 2009. It flew off and we wonderered what would happen to it. A few days later I took a photo of the said pidgeon sitting on the fence with a bloodied broken bottom beak. Ever since we occasionally see it grubbing about in the garden. After the bad weather of last winter I was sure it must have died. Its still about with its beak hanging limply. It seams to have no trouble feeding. A true surviver. 01/05/2011

Apr 26, 2011
Bird with broken beak
by: The Avian Vet

Repeated bandaging and unbandaging is the worse thing you can do. This will prevent it from healing and cause a non-union fracture that will never heal. This will require a special procedure to put a tube in the esophagus so he can be fed without removing the tape splint. It is a surgical procedure that can only be done by a trained veterinarian.

Dr B
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Apr 25, 2011
Tape shut a beak!?!?
by: Anonymous

I am sorry, but This just sounds cruel and painful... What kind of vet will tell you to tape shut a beak?? This poor bird is suffering and feels pain just as we do!! Bring it to an experienced AVIAN vet right away!!!!

Apr 25, 2011
a pigeon with broken beak
by: Linda

Flora, thank you for helping this bird. You will also need to find an Avian(bird) Vet in your area for a better treatment plan. You cannot keep his beak taped shut because he needs to be able to eat and drink and will die if he goes more than a few hours without doing both.

There is a link on this page for help in finding an Avian Vet in your country. Regular dog, cat and large animals vets cannot do anything for your bird because they are not trained in how to diagnose and treat birds of any kind.

Let us know how this goes and thanks again for trying to help this bird.


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