A Quaker that doesn't play

by Margo

Showing me her

Showing me her "pretties"

We got our Quaker when she was 3 months old. She has never really 'played'. We did have some parakeets for a short time. I hoped their playing around would encourage Miss Elmo but it didn't. She mostly sits on the open swing out door of her cage. She doesn't seem very interested in toys. She has a 'day' cage and a 'night, night' cage. When we are home she is out and has a play gym too. When we are gone she is shut in for safety. Is there some way to encourage her to play?

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Dec 27, 2009
Quaker play
by: Anonymous

Your quaker is beautiful. I have 3, and only one will actively play. I do find it takes them a very long time to warm up to toys, and the ones they will eventually play with always have a bell attached. Perhaps your QP would like foraging more than playing...it keeps them active and interested. Try hiding treats around the cage area for her to find. Also, you could wrap some in paper for your parrot to "open" Mine also like the colored tongue depressers and popsicle stick toys more than the bead ones.
Good luck and just keep trying.

Dec 27, 2009
A Quaker that doesn't play
by: Linda

Your birdy is lovely, and her cage appears to be quite large enough, so you are okay there. Birds like toys they can chew on, so you may wish to try toys with wooden parts made of both soft and hard woods. Our Amazons like both, and the soft wood is easily chewed up which birds also need. Your bird's toys need to be some that will hold up for a while and some that can be easily destroyed as parrots MUST be able to destroy something in a safe way as part of their emotional well-being.

Also, change out all toys at least every one or two months. You can recycle them back into cage as birds forget in a little while, so older toys can be put back in after a month or so.

Some birds just don't play much. My Amazons like toys made with cotton rope and wooden pieces strung on the rope. They get bored with any one toy in about a month, so need a frequent change of scene to hold their interest.

Your bird may also need to be seen by an Avian Vet to rule out any health issues which would keep a bird from being energetic enough to play. I'd seriously consider a trip to the Avian Vet with your bird.

Thanks for writing and thanks for the beautiful picture of your bird's setup.

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