a serious feather plucked alexandrine parakeet

by samir

Alexandrine parakeet plucked

Alexandrine parakeet plucked

hi, i have an alexandrin parakeet since 2 years ago. and from the very time i bought it it was feather plucked totally and so nervous and seriously ill. i tried to cure its disease but i could do nothing to its feathers even after so many doctors checked it. i am so sorry about it.

i feed it well and try not to make stressfull environment around it thus i could make its feathers a little better and white feathers covered its body. but nothing works really for complete recovery. may it be helpful to bring him a female partner??!!! please help this pure kid.thank u. besides i live in I ran where rarely people care about such issues.

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Apr 16, 2013
by: samir from Iran

thank u so much for your honest consideration. i am so desperate about my baby. i've tried anything u may think but the result was total despair. finally i decided to bring him a cute couple may be it can help. thank u again for replying me dear friends.

Mar 09, 2013
Bird plucking
by: Anonymous

Usually birds pluck their feathers when they are annoyed or anxious or when they don't like something. If you have another pet in the house like a cat maybe if you kept that animal away it might help. Also maybe try to spend a little time with it. try to play with it or get a toy for it to play with. Good luck

Mar 02, 2013
Parrot plucking help
by: Tracie

If the avian vets can not figure this out, then I don't know what to say. Below are 3 articles that might be helpful.

Feather Damaging Behavior article

Bird Plucking help

Feather Plucking help

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