a sick parakeet

Hi, how are you?

I've noticed lately (last week or two) that one of my parakeets doesnt seem to be too well. I thought she was getting ready to lay an egg and that caused the change in behavior but i dont think thats it anymore.

It seemed she gained quite some weight, especially in the abdominal area-- the feathers on her bottom are gone somehow and it just looks like a big ball down there. This led me to think that she's about to lay an egg. Unfortunately, there's no egg and she looks still huge. In addition, she stopped flying, i dont think she even can fly anymore and she just keeps breathing hard with somewhat open beak. Like i said, i thought this was all associated with her getting ready to lay an egg and i thought it was harder than usual since it would be her first egg. So as its not passing by and im getting worried about her as she just sits and breathes hard (with body kind of moving up and down a bit from hard breathing). So today i caught her and then i've gotten really worried when i saw that her tongue is pretty much green! I never heard of that before. I cant think of anything green that she eats except maybe few green seeds but is that normal for a tongue color? Like i said, i still dont understand why it looks like she has a huge egg thats about to come out if thats not the case.Needless to say, she sometimes goes to the bottom of the cage which i know isnt right but like i said i assumed she was trying to lay an egg.

Im not sure how this site goes as I just googled around, but I would really appreciate it if you could email me back (Email removed for your protection.)

Thanks a lot!

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Dec 14, 2008
My sick bella
by: Anonymous

mMy parakeet has a broken wing.My parakeet needs attention alot of attention.When you try to pet her she try's to bite you.She is very speacal to me!

Dec 05, 2008
Bird with green tongue
by: The Vet

The green tongue may or may not be associated with the enlarged abdomen. If blood flow is compromised to the tongue, or if there is liver disease affecting clotting mechanisms, then the tongue could be bruised. It may also be that she is chewing on dyed green wood.

As for the abdomen, this is a serious problem. The abdomen is filled with something: maybe an egg, maybe fluid, maybe a tumor (cancer). This is very common for budgies that have laid eggs. It could be egg yolk peritonitis, or an ovarian tumor or cyst, or egg binding. It could also be an enlarged liver and /or liver failure.

The open mouth breathing is due to the abdomen being full of something and squeezing her air sacs, thereby reducing the amount of air she can move through her lungs. These are all differentials and your bird needs to be seen to determine how to treat her problems.

Dr B

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