A sore on my parakeets foot

by Becca
(St. Paul MN, )

What can I do for a sore on my Parakeets foot?
I just brought two bird home and I am in the prosses of training them so we are just building trust. How can I take care of the sore without scaring my new friend?

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Nov 20, 2008
Parakeet sore foot
by: The Vet

If the sore is on the bottom of the foot it is called bumblefoot. This kind of lesion needs veterinary care, including antibiotics and special bandaging. You will also need to give them different perches to help prevent this in the future.

It is caused by using wooden dowels and is made worse with a poor diet. If your birds are eating seeds then you need to switch them to healthy pellets like Harrison's. Seeds do not contain all of the nutrients needed to prevent this and other problems. For perches you need a Safe Pedicure Perch as the highest perch, and you need a variety of natural branches and Rope Boings and Perches.

Dr. B

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