Abadoned baby sparrow

by Andrea

I found a baby sparrow yesterday. There were no signs of supervision. He seems healthy, except for his right eye. It has been shut! It's hard to determine if there is any trauma. It doesent seem swollen, although I'm wondering if he hurt it somehow while falling out of his nest. I've gently gone over it with a moist tissue. Is there anything else I can do? I want to make sure he can see before I release him. Please help!

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Jun 10, 2009
Baby sparrow found
by: The Vet

This is something that needs to be looked at by a veterinarian.

Dr B

Jun 10, 2009
Soft Billed Wild Birds
by: Linda

Does your little guy have all his feathers including wing and tail feathers? If he does, it may mean that his Mother helped him out of nest so she can start teaching him to feed himself. If he is not fully feathered, it means he accidently fell out of nest. If you know where nest is and can get to it, put him back into his nest. He should have fallen almost right under his nest. If this is not possible, you may wish to syringe feed him baby parrot formula for a while until he gets his feathers in or until his Mother shows up for him.

I found a baby Jay below his nest in Portland, and he had all his feathers. I fed him a while and called the Audubon society, and they said it is normal for song bird Mothers to push them out of nest when it is time to start learning to eat. I'd never heard this, but his Mother was always near windows of garage where I was keeping him. the lady at Audubon said to take him back to tree he fell from and let his Mother do the rest. I watched with binoculars, and sure enough, she came down and started leading him away from being out in the open. As for your bird's eye, it sounds like it is hurt, so you may wish to take him to an Avian vet before you release him to make sure he is okay. The handfeeding formula I spoke of is out here, and you will need a very small syringe to feed him with. It also has to be warmed some before feeding--not too hot, and not too cold. Get a syringe with a longer tip on it if you can find one, so when you "tap" the side of his beak, he will gape and the tip is like the bill of a Mother bird. Your vet will have just the right size one for you if you decide to do this. You must use a baby bird formula or a recipe your vet has, and the ones made for baby parrots will work just great as I used that with the little Blue Jay.

Hopefully, his Mother will show up and/or you can put him back in nest. Normally, when Mothers push them out, they are always nearby, so you may have to help the little one out some if she has left him. Good luck and God Bless,

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