abnormal beak growth and liver failure

by J.S Welty

My mother had a Parrotlet for about 8 years until he very suddenly died the other night. When he was less than a year old he developed severe sinus infections constantly. The vet had to administer sinus washes regularly, and the parrotlet soon developed dark spots on his head from antibiotics.

After nearly a year of this, a seed husk was finally flushed out of his sinuses and he never had another infection again. Consequently, my mother stopped feeding him seed (an understandable reaction, right?) and turned to a pellet-based diet.

She included rice and vegetables regularly, mostly those mixes that you can soak that are organic. He seemed fine for many years, although he never had a complete molt after the sinus infections, his feathers were very dull, and he later developed severe beak overgrowth problems that the vet had to take care of with a dremmel.

I don't think he was ever tested for liver disease. When he died, it happened in less than 1/2 hour. He was fine before then. Does this sound like it could have been a liver problem?

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Feb 22, 2008
Abnormal beak growth question
by: The Vet

Liver disease is certainly high on the differential list. Chronic antibiotic therapy and stress would be the two major contributing factors.

Dr B

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