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can you help i took my amazon to vets asked if he was able to trim nails clip wings and trim beak he said yes i made appointment and took him he took bird down stairs after about 10 minutes he returned bird was in carrier it was not till i got him home he has chopped his wings both sides completly off when on his perch he sits there like some one with no arms and with the beak he has snapped the point off he is having trouble eating he takes his food from side of mouth i am lost now what to do can you help thanks

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Jun 18, 2008
Amazon clipped wings and beak
by: Tracie

First I am sorry you had such a bad experience! Your poor bird, he must not feel so great.

The vet must have trimmed his beak into the quick and it is sore. I am thinking you mean that he trimmed his wings too short, not off?

It sounds like your vet is not an Avian Vet? Either way, I would look for another vet. We have several "vets that treat birds" in our town, but I wouldn't take my bird to any of them. One of them killed a lady's Green Winged Macaw that wasn't even sick! It had allergies, he gave it a shot and it died within a minute of getting the shot.

Avian Vets are well worth the drive, if you can find one.

His beak will heal and his wings will hopefully grow back soon. If you can't find an Avian Vet, you might look to see if there is a good breeder in your area that will do the wing trims.

You can purchase wood toys for your bird to keep his beak trimmed and our Sweet Feet and Beak perches will keep his nails trimmed pretty good if you put them at the feeding stations and where his favorite toys are located.

Birds have been known to die from bleeding to death from beaks and nails being trimmed back too far. I am glad your bird's beak is just sore.

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