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My pair of birds seem to be ready to breed but the female counterpart is not responding. Can you help with some medicine to stimulate breeding in my pair. As also i feel that its been quite a long, I want to see a baby for my pair.

Kindly reply to this.
Thank you.

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Aug 21, 2009
Medicine to encourage birds to breed
by: The Vet

There are no medications that we can give to stimulate breeding.

If you birds are not breeding, there are may things you can look at that may be contributing to the problem. Here is a list:
Diet ? feed pellets ( Harrison's suggested)
Cage size ? is the cage large enough to allow flight?
Light ? is it bright? Do you have full spectrum light?
Do you have a pair ? have they been surgically sexed, or DNA sexed?
How old are they?
Do they have the right perches?
Do they have the right nest box?
Do they have enough privacy?
Are there other pairs to stimulate breeding?

This is just the beginning of the list of question to investigate the lack of breeding in a pair of birds.

What kind of birds do you have?

Dr B

Aug 18, 2009
by: Linda

If your cage is large enough with a nestbox door, you can hang a nest box size appropriate for your pair and that usually stimulates breeding and laying in birds. As for drugs to stimulate this process, there are none. Make sure your birds are eating a very healthy, high quality diet of some type of organic pellets like Harrison's and/or Goldn'obles with the recommended amounts of fresh, organic fruit and veggies. The fruit and veggies cannot be more than 10% of the overall diet, so we are talking small amounts a few times a week at most.

Tracie carries a product that Harrisons makes called Birdy Bread Mix, and our Amazons love this bread and it helps in changing birds over from an all seed diet to pellets. It is made using the basic pellet recipe with some nice additions like flax seed in one and peppers in the other. The third flavor is the plain and all three need to be put together using the Sunshine Factor organic Red Palm Oil that Tracie also has on site. Use egg whites instead of whole eggs to cut down on fat content. This bread mix can be up to 30% of the diet along with the pellets. We use it as treats a few times a week.

So, healthy birds, eating healthy, high quality food and who are old enough to breed usually have no problems. You will have to wait for nature to take its course though as birds sense if you are stressed about something, and they will probably not breed. Make sure your cage is roomy enough and that it is one with an opening for the nest box. Nest box front is inside cage and the rest is outside cage with a back door giving you access to eggs and babies to make sure all is well.

Good Luck!

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