About Me and SBI

and how they helped me build this website.

What is SBI?

How is this about me and SBI, Site Build It?

When we started this website, Parrot-and-Conure-World.com , we did not know much about the Internet, let alone how to build a website!

We researched every web host we could for months. We spent hours reading Web Host Comparison sites, trying to find the one that would not only be affordable but also help people like us that knew nothing about how to build a website.

There are a lot of cheaper solutions out there, in fact we have another website that is a Yahoo site, but the others don't have a way to insure that you will get traffic. SBI, Site Build It, checks every page I build to make sure it is search engine friendly.

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Is SBI for the beginner or the advanced computer person?

SBI is for both the beginner and the advanced computer person. You can use their block builder or upload your own web pages that you build using another program.

This is why this page is about me and SBI, not just about me and how I made this website. I am still a beginner, almost 3 years later, but I have a very successful website thanks to SBI.

We, of course, used the block builder method and picked a theme that could be customized. As you can see, we have a very nice website, even though we know next to nothing about html or other computer stuff.

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Does SBI have down time?

Besides the great hosting, that is up 99.9999% of the time, the customer service and the help in the forums are priceless. Any time I need help, someone is there to help me and lead me to the solution. They are incredible!

It's about me and SBI and how they made this site a success.

Did it take a long time to build this website?

When we started with SBI, Site Build It, the only option was to read their great training manual and build your website slowly. They actually encourage you to go slow and do quality work.

Once you pay for your website, they have everything you need to research and choose a profitable domain name, find content and build a search engine friendly website.

If you follow their detailed instructions, you will not fail to have a successful, profitable website. Their manual is also in video form now and you can choose a male or female voice to teach you.

(Yep, it really is about me and SBI, I couldn't have done it without Site Build It for sure.)

Because I knew so little about computers, and I was also on dial-up, it took me about 2 months to get my website up and running.

Search Engine traffic started coming right away. After 6 months, I made back my investment. After the first year, I was making good money.

Don't have time to build a website?

SBI now has a program where you can pay THEM to build the website for you! Yes, you still have to decide on your niche and provide information for them, but they do all the technical work that takes sooooo much time.

I have personally met a few of the people that you might possibly hire to build you a website, and they are top notch people. They have a sincere interest in doing the very best work they can do for you.

Do this and it won't be about me and SBI, but about YOU and SBI.

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Site Build It is the only way to go!

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Need to talk to someone and ask questions?

Ask a real live person a question now You can submit a question or call and either talk to someone now or get someone to call you back, depending on personnel availability.

I did this before I purchased too! I wanted to talk to a real human being and ask questions and just feel like there really was someone there for me.

Please, use the link above and get your questions answered now.

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