About my African Grey Parrot

by Darryl
(London, England)

African Grey

African Grey

Hello I have a Grey Parrot and I've had him or her for about 4 weeks now and I can give him food from my hand. I'm trying to get it to come on my hand. I try and it goes to bite me. If some one can help me it would be nice. Thanks, Darryl

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Feb 01, 2008
About my..
by: Win

Hi Darryl.

Your grey is young. He will push you to see how much he can get away with. I would start with perch training. Get him to step up on a perch. Make sure that every time you do it you tell him to step up. Gently push the perch up under his belly so he will be forced to step up on it. When he goes to bite. Tell him in a mean voice, not yelling, to "NO BITE". Then when he doesn't bite praise him and give him a treat that he loves and that you do not give him all the time.

Jan 05, 2008
African Grey
by: Anonymous

Try taking a pencil and holding it up to him while he is in his cage. He will probably bite it, the point is to teach him that no matter how hard he bites the pencil, he doesn't hurt you or get a reaction. He will eventually give up biting.

Good Luck!

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