About my Cockatoo about me

by Charles

I was just wondwrinf if i am really a bird person or a bad person. I just got my sulphur crested cockatoo he is such a good bird i cant say nothing terrible about him his name is rocky he talks alot.

He is a very quiet cockatoo never scream but for some reason everytime i touch or pet him i always have the urge of washing my hands i wonder if this is natural. I feel like everytime i pet him my hands feels dirty that i cant touch food unless i wash my hand.

This bird never missed a night without saying goodnight i love him so much but i dont see myself taking care of him for the rest of my life. Ive had birds in the past that id let die without feeding them. Ever since i was a kid this was my ultimate wish to have a talking parrot now that i have it why cant i just love and appreciate him hes such a smart wonderful bird now i have to put him in craigslist please someone help!

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Dec 13, 2011
Few more and i wont have my baby anymore
by: Charles

Today is tuesday and few more days and I wont have my cockatoo rocky anymore. He will be going to his new owner. Eventhough ive only had him for 3 weeks i took good care of him very well ive given him fresh food everyday and fresh water, but it makes me so sad that i will not have him anymore but im really doing this for him. At least the person that will be owning him is such a nice guy that he will allow me to visit him from time to time but i dont think i can handle that but ill see.

Dec 11, 2011
Appreciate the Output
by: Charles

Hey to all the people that left comments I really appreciate it, yes I totally agree of not getting anymore pets but don't worry I am not a animal killer person in fact I am very nice and sensitive towards them. I have done a lot of reading and searching about these birds I like to be knowledgeable about this things.
The bad treatment that I had with the other birds was when I was just a kid but I have grown and appreciate other living things. Well quick update with my beautiful rocky I have found a great person to take care of him just practically my neighbor he had a lot of experienced with birds he used to have a macaw that survived for 49 years also he used to work in a zoo taking care of birds nothing beats that.
I love my rocky bird in fact I can't stop bawling my eyes out while I am writing this but I am doing this for him because of my lifestyle my personality I really don't see myself taking care of him for the rest of my life. This is a small note for my bird "Rocky I love you very much, I will miss you a great deal baby but I am doing this for you baby, I want you to be happy and live the life that you deserve, I want you to live up to 120 years of your life baby, and I know that if you stay with me babe that will never happened. So, giving you to another owner is a gift from I really really love you. You are the bird that I've always wanted in my life. I wish you long happy life baby". Thank you guys for reading this

Dec 08, 2011
by: Anonymous

If you feel this way about this poor cockatoo, why did you get him in the first place.

I agree with both Tracy and Linda, especially what Linda said about not getting any other animals of any species until you get help with your inner feelings.

A parrot and especially a cockatoo is a lifelong committment! I have 6 cockatoos and I would give my life for them. I can't even imagine my life without each and everyone of them.

Yes, definitely find a good home for this poor bird, as they can sense if you don't like them or are not in love with them.

And PLEASE don't get anymore birds, especially.

Dec 08, 2011
About my Cockatoo about me
by: Linda

Tracie covered this very well, and I feel the need to add a bit more. Parrots are NOT dirty unless they are allowed to become dirty and then are left that way. Birds are much cleaner than humans ever thought about being. Birds get sick sometimes just being around humans, so your aversion to your new, beautiful bird is something you may wish to begin to better understand with the help of a professional.

As Tracie said, parrots have a hard time when they have to be moved to new homes, as they are very sensitive and intelligent.

Please do not even consider having any more pets of any species until you have been helped to understand why you would neglect and/or abuse an animal or bird who can never understand what they did wrong to cause this.


Dec 08, 2011
Finding a home for a cockatoo
by: Tracie

Yes, please find a loving home for this bird. You might call some breeders or an avian vet and see if they will help you find the right home for this poor bird.

If you just "get rid" of the bird, then this process will happen all over again and that is not fair to the bird. These birds live a LONG time, and whoever takes the bird needs to either have experience with cockatoos or knows all that is involved in caring for them.

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