Abusive word

by Asif Arain
(karachi , Pakistan)

I have alexanderine parrot about 1 year old now, have him since he was only 6 weeks old I just notice my parrot that he was saying some abusive word where my family just came home from my inlaws home for a week they were left alone (African grey and Alexandrine)
I am a businessman and left for office early morning it was me and my birds at home for a week but Today I noticed my alexandrine were saying bitch and continuesly kept repeating I tried to distract him with another word but soon after again same bitch I dont know from where he learned the word whereelse before a week he never say that what should I do to distract him from the word help please I won't rehome my beloved bird...
African grey is about 11 months old just started to learn I am afraid if he/she learned the word bitch then I definitely have to think about some things worst my kids will also learn the word from them

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Nov 29, 2013
abusive word(s)
by: Don Houston Texas

I had to laugh at this one! Seriously however, it is my six decades of experience that tells me that HE WAS TAUGHT THAT WORD! It had to be repetitious. I agree with the previous comments also, do not pay attention to the word, do not react. Then, after a few minutes, begin to teach the bird a new word. This will get his brain off of the bad word and he will want to work on the new word. Actually teach the bird the new word, especially when he says the bad one. About 100 reps on the new one for each bad one. He will totally forget the bad one and learn the new one. Make it a fun word also, teach him with smiles, kisses (dry), smiles, and treats for reward and reinforcement. Bad habits can be corrected this same way. Keep him away from the Christmas tree of course! Hope this helps a little for all!

Apr 04, 2013
Abusive word
by: Linda

Tracie's advice about positive reinforcement is how to approach this. Getting rid of the bird is going to hurt the bird, and you can be assured of that. Possibly bird heard the word on Television if no one in the household says words like that. Many older birds come into people's homes with some spicey language, and once the word is not heard again, the bird will lose interest in saying it. You making a big deal out of it will keep the bird saying it, so what Tracie said about walking away as if bird does not exisit is good advice.

How parrot's talking works is they pick up words said in anger, happiness or any other kind of excitement. Strong emotions and words are how they learn to talk. So, use the positive reinforcement psychology with your birds, and anythng they pick up that you don't like will be forgotten once they stop getting attention from saying it. Right now, bird sees that this upsets you, and your strong emotional reaction to it is exactly what the bird likes. Birds are not mean, and they do love attention any way they can get it. Take time with your birds speaking to them with kind loving words and giving them attention of a positive kind, and you will see the bad word disappear.

Instruct your family about this too, because as long as ANYONE in the household is getting all upset about the word, bird will continue saying it. Birds have roughly the emotional/mental development of 4-5 year old human children, and this age of child will also do and say just about anything to get attention. Negative attention is attention and birds and children need attention.

Thanks for writing, and work together as a family with this bird, and you will soon see a positive change for the better.Also, instruct your children that the bird is saying a bad word, and you need their help in teaching him other words so he will forget the bad one. They are NOT to laugh at bird because this will make bird want to say it more. This is not funny. Children can learn much about life from a situation like this, so please allow them to be a part of your bird's training.


Apr 03, 2013
Stop bird from saying bad word
by: Tracie

Ugh! This happened to me once. Birds often pick up words that are said with force, or excitement.

My suggestion is to not give any positive attention to the bird when it says this. Remember that positive attention is anything exciting to the bird. So sometimes just looking at the bird will be a reward for saying the word.

If you are with the bird and it says this, just turn your back and calmly walk out of the room. If you are holding the bird, you can say "noooo" in a calm low voice and return the bird to the cage, turn your back and walk away.

Eventually the bird will either pick up that people leave him when he uses this word or he will just not use it because it doesn't have any rewards.

The other thing to do is praise the bird for any other words it says. You can even start saying something with an excited voice and if the bird repeats it give it a treat. Then the focus will be on making you happy it said something you liked.

We have some health and training articles at this Parrot Training page link that might be helpful.

I hope this helps.

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