Acrylic paint around birds?

by Jacqueline

Can I paint crafts with acrylic paint while my birds are in the room?

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Nov 22, 2013
Acrylic paint around birds?
by: Linda

I also use acrylic craft paints, and I recommend you not use them in same room as where your birds are. Most acrylics are non toxic and there are a few that use formaldahyde in their making which makes them unsafe. There is a smell to all acrylics which means birds and other small creatures will be more sensitive to them than humans, dogs or cats will.

So try and do your craft projects in another room if possible. Also, make sure you read any MSDS hazard reports for any of the questionable paints and finishes. This especially includes fabric paints and the mediums used with them. Though the paints are safe, most of the mediums have ingredients that gas out making them unsafe to use around your birds.

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