Acting Strange and fearful

by Bailey

My 14 year old Macaw is suddenly afraid of the top of her cage. She is acting fearful, won't leave her cage voluntarily, and it even took her hours to dive into her food this morning which is usually priority number one. She won't even step up on command but goes further into her cage. Nothing has changed. Not sure what is going on. Any ideas?

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Jul 20, 2011
Acting Strange and fearful
by: Linda

Okay, something HAS changed and just what it is may take a while to work out. One thing is that she may be becoming ill and is afraid she will fall off top of cage. Lack of interest in food compounds this assertion that she needs to be thoroughly examined by an Avian Vet in your driving area. If it has been more than a year since her last avian vet visit, then now is a perfect time to find out if this may have a physical base.

Any kind of changes are not welcomed by parrots as they are slow to change and like everything to stay the same.

Write back after you've taken her to avian vet for a full exam including basic bloodwork. If she is not ill, then we can go over some more things that could be going on. First, a possible physical cause has to be explored. Please don't wait to get her into see the avian vet because if she is ill or becoming ill, time is of the essence.

Thanks for writing, and we'll look for you again in near future,

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