Acting strange and not eating after having her beak and nails done yesterday

by Jackie

Hello, my husband and i just got a Moluccan Cockatoo and her name is Angel and she is 15 yrs old, my husband actually got her from a friend of his who couldnt care for her anymore. We have had Angel a little over a month now and there is never a dull or quiet moment in the house! she is very playful and very loud!! she loves to talk alot and always lets everyone know whats on her mind!!

Yesterday we took her to a bird groomer to get her very long nails done and they also trimmed her beak, as they was trimming her beak she started screaming and it broke my heart to hear such a horiable scream, the lady said that it was normal and that Angel was just scared.

Ever since we brought her home she is not acting like her normal self, shes very quiet (witch is not normal) and now when i fed her this morning she is not eating, she just throws all her food out of her bowl and sits on top of the cage and is not making a sound, is this normal? Im very heart broken about this and feel really bad that we put her thru that.

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Dec 09, 2011
Bird beak trimming caused behavior change
by: Tracie

I know you did what you thought was correct, so don't feel bad. I personally would only allow an avian vet to trim my bird's beak. The beak could be too long because of a disease, and if the beak is not trimmed properly it can injure the bird and cause a great deal of pain.

It is possible that the groomer trimmed the beak back too far and the bird is in pain. You might want to Find an Avian Vet to examine your bird to make sure there is not a cause for the beak being too long and to make sure the groomer did not injure your bird.

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