Adding a cinnamon conure to the flock

by Andrew
(Gold Coast)

Hi, i currently have a 3 year old green cheek female conure and i want to get a cinnamon conure. I want to keep them both tame and have them out together. I just need advice on whether i should get a male or female or whether it would even matter? Thanks

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Sep 17, 2009
New Bird
by: Linda

Andrew, it should not matter, but I would go with another female just so there are no problems with them wanting to breed later on. A bonded pair of male and female lose some interest in their people, so another female will work.

Do NOT put them together in same cage unless it is very large and even then, let them get to know one another in separate cages where they can be together at play time. Always supervise them when they are together because it will take time for them to get to know one another, and birds can hurt each other very badly if jealous or angry.

So, at first, keep new bird in its own cage. You can continue this if you wish and let them play together when it is out of cage time.


Sep 17, 2009
Adding another bird to the flock
by: Tracie

It will matter in my opinion if you end up with a male and a female. They may bond with each other and wish to breed.

It would be preferable for you to have the both birds DNA sexed before adding the new bird to the flock. The breeder should be able to send off a DNA test for your bird and the bird you are interested in purchasing.

Let us know how it goes!

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