Adding another bird in the family

by Milton bedoya
(Coconut Creek FL)

I have a dyh amazon and a sun conure that grew together and live in the same cage, my girlfriend wants to get a gray Congo. Can they be put together in the same cage or they won't get along? My birds are not even 5 months old.

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Sep 27, 2011
Thank you guys.
by: Milton

Thank you very much for your response, I will separate my birds and will wait on the Congo.

Aug 20, 2011
Adding another bird in the family
by: Linda

Yes, as Tracie outlined, plan on having the Amazon, Conure and Grey all in their own cages. I have two mid thirties Amazons who I had to separate because Stella started hurting Eli. Now they had lived together in harmoney for many years, but Stella has always been larger than Eli, so as she aged, she became more and more pushy with him to the point of pulling his feathers out. She also ate one of his toes. He hss a large place on back of neck where feather will never grow back in. Once feathers are pulled so many times, they stop coming back. They live in a double Macaw cage with a divider in the middle so they are together, just not too together.

Greys can become severe pluckers, so make sure you've done your homework there too. A mini Macaw may be your best bet as your Amazon and Conure are originaly from similar countries if not the same, and actually birds from different areas sometimes don't get along like we'd like them to. So one of the mini Macaws or even another Amazon or Conure may work better for you. All will need their own cages because birds do change as they age and become something else entirely once they hit puberty. It does not matter if birds were born here or not because they are still wild exotic animals and retain all the racial(cellular) memories from the places they came from. South and Central American birds do well together and Asian, Phillipine, Australian birds do well with each other.

Do a lot of reading about both birds you have now and you will begin to understand more and more about their behaviors. I recommend this before deciding on another bird or what kind it is. Your babies are kind of little to have to get used to another bird until they are a bit older. Older birds can and do hurt younger ones who are not their own offspring, so proceed with caution when everyone is outside cage for playtime. Always be right there to stop any disagreements before they become dangerous. Having birds is a constant learning experience and makes them very interesting pets to be owned by, and make no mistake, they do own you!!!

Thanks for writing,

Aug 20, 2011
Adding African grey to Amazon and Conure cage
by: Tracie

Honestly, even thought the Amazon parrot is living with the conure at a young age, does NOT mean that the Amazon won't one day kill the conure. I am not saying this will happen, but you really need to do some research on Amazon parrots. Many Amazon parrots have some pretty severe hormonal years.

No, you can not put an African grey in the cage too. Once your "babies" become mature their personalities will change. We had a couple of docile green cheeked conures that absolutely thought I hung the moon, until they reached breeding age. Then I was the devil incarnate and my husband hung the moon. They also went from getting along with each other, to one becoming bossy and trying to keep the other bird from the feeding stations.

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