adding another Cockatiel?

(Manitoba, Canada)

I have a 7 year old Cockatiel who talks. I'm thinking he needs a companion (another Cockatiel, just as a friend). Will he stop talking because I introduce another bird?

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Dec 08, 2011
adding another Cockatiel?
by: Linda

You will need to keep both birds in their own cages forever. They can be allowed to play together on top of their cages if cages have a playtop. At first, you'll need to be with them all they time they are out of cage to make sure there is no fighting. Birds have to get to know one another before they become friends.

Yes, some changes will happen here as you are changing the dynamics by introducing another bird. If new bird is kept in his own cage, there should be less problems than if you were to put them together. Basically, you'll need to get another male, and they can never be in the same cage as birds become very territorial as they get older. Your 7 year old is already there.

You cannot get a female because of the possibility of breeding which you do not need or want unless you've done extensive study on the subject.There is little or no money in breeding birds if they are taken care of properly. In fact, breeding can be very expensive with no way to get the money back if you feed your birds well and take them to Avian Vet when needed.

Your new bird could be of another species about the same size as the Cockie. You don't want a bird any smaller or larger than the one you have now. Budgies are small, and they are very aggressive and will actually push a Cockie around, so getting another Cockatiel is the best idea. Be sure to take new bird to Avian Vet to be checked for infections or other physical issues BEFORE bringing it home. Infections are highly contageous, and your present bird will be infected and then both birds will have to be examined, diagnosed and treated, so take the new bird in for exam before ever bringing it near your other bird.

I think your Cockatiel will continue to sing and talk though with another male, there will be some jealously, so make sure both birds are handled the same and a lot of time spent with both. The new bird will be younger, so he will need to be watched closely when both are out of cage to make sure older male treats him good. Never allow them in the same cage together because there could be severe injuries for both of them especially until they get to know each other and like each other.

Thanks for asking questions before getting the other bird as this shows a high level of intelligence and plain old common sense on your part! Very happy to talk with you and write anytime,


Dec 08, 2011
by: Anonymous

He will pay more attention to his mate, he will talk a bit less...sometimes they can stop talking...

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