Adding another "TOO"

by Jo Ann
( Ontario, Canada)

A quick background on my situation.

I presently have an umbrella cockatoo "Angel". She (or possibly he) not sure of gender,
is 8 years old. I have had her since she was 3 months.

I have spent the majority of my time at home, but due to recent changes I am now working pretty much full time.

I feel so guilty and so bad for her as she is now locked up for 8 hours a day.
I do have several other pets (3 dogs, 2 cats, and a cockatiel).
She is very upset when I do get home and screams and clucks and goes crazy. I do spend time with her, but it never seems to satisfy her.

My question is: Would she be better off with another cockatoo as a playmate? I was seriously thinking about rescuing one , but I don't know if it would be better or worse.
And if I did, is it a bad idea to put them in a cage together?

Thank you,

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Nov 13, 2009
Adding another bird to the flock
by: The Vet

You cannot put them in the same cage, and I would recommend not allowing them to have physical contact outside of the cage.

My suspicions are that this bird is strongly imprinted on you (a human), and is likely not going to accept another bird. The problem could become worse. However, I could be wrong and they could be great company for each other. But in my experience, and I have seen this situation many times, another bird rarely ever helps. My opinion is that if you do not have time for the one you have, don?t get a second one.

Dr B

Nov 12, 2009
Adding another "TOO"
by: Linda

Hello and thank you for writing. From what this sounds like, I say this is NOT a good time to add another bird. Are the Too and the Cockatiel in the same room? If not, make sure they are in the same room, so they can keep each other company during the day.

The issue here is that your Too has been used to you being around all day, and now, you've had to go to work and "abandon" her. This is very traumatic for any bird, and the Toos are especially emotional birds who need a lot of attention from their owners.They are demanding little things to say the least!

So, for the time being, put the two birds in the same room together, and in time, I think your Too will adjust to your new schedule. She is screaming when you get home because she's been all day without you and now wants all of you and RIGHT NOW!

Never cage Cockatoos together because they are prone to violence and would be with a new bird. Most people don't truly understand the Cockatoo, but you never put any new bird in cage with any already there birds as the dangers are too high. It's much better to keep them in their own cages (territory) and once the new bird is settled in, then they could come out of cage for playtime if you are there to constantly supervise.

You may need to wait a while on the new bird, because your Too is already going through a very stressful time, and a new bird will add to that. When making changes in bird's routines, we try and do only one thing at a time and allow them to adjust.

Thanks again for writing and I think if both birds(Too and Tiel) are in same room, your Too won't be so lonely. Part of this is lonely and part (a large part) is feeling abandoned by you in the first place. Give her time to adjust and take some extra time with special treats/toys in the evenings after you get home and get relaxed. She'll get used to this and then be okay with you working. THEN AND ONLY THEN POSSIBLY ADD ANOTHER BIRD TO YOUR FLOCK AND MAKE SURE IT HAS ITS OWN CAGE, TOYS AND ALL.


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