Adding human baby food to hand feeding

I am getting a sun conure next week hopefully and I want to know when your Handfeeding it can you use a tiny amount of Baby Food to help them get a Taste of Human Foods I know you can with the Grey but with the Sun conure I don't know the Answer

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Mar 18, 2011
Adding human baby food to hand feeding
by: Linda

No, you should not add anything to the baby parrot handfeeding formula except the water it calls for. You will mess up the very finely balanced nutrition in the formula if you start adding this and that. You will lose your baby bird if you start messing with an already perfect recipe.

Also, once bird is weaning age and older, do not feed ANY human food. This is not a human baby who will grow up to eat human food. This is a baby parrot who will need only high quality parrot food. I recommend feeding some of the organic pellets that can be found here, and you can start the weaning process using one or a few of them. This way your baby will be weaned onto the right kind of food from the beginning and will have a healthier, happier and longer life.

The Harrison's pellets are of a very high quality, and I've been feeding it to my Amazons for almost 20 years. We have few, if any, trips to the Avian Vet with sick birds. They go in every few months for toenail and beak trims and that's it. They are in beautiful feather, have energy to enjoy their life and are happy birds.

Harrison's also makes a Bird Bread mix found here that is a good addition to diet as treat food. Do not put anything into it either, and it will help with the weaning process. Be sure and buy the organic red palm oil, Sunshine Factor to use as the oil and plain water, and two whole eggs. Do not use partially hydrogenated vegetable oil that you buy in grocery as it is harmful to humans and animals alike. The Red Palm oil is cold pressed and in a solid form. It has to be placed in its bottle into warm water to become liquid, and this can take maybe 10 minutes as the mix calls for one tablespoon of the oil. Your baby will love this and then will also like the pellets.

So, no human food for any reason at any time as these foods are usually high in fat, sugar and salt which are all bird killers. Feed parrots parrot food and leave the human food for humans. (Fresh organic fruits and veggies are okay in limited amounts. Organic only, chemicals are harmful.)

You can also get a variety of the organic pellets to see which ones your baby likes the best when he starts weaning. The Bird bread mix can be fed along with any of them. All organic foods have to be refrigerated, a meal's worth taken out half hour before feeding to make sure food is room temperature. The bird bread can be baked, cooled, sliced and put into freezer bags and taken out as needed. It will keep in refrigerator for 5 days and in freezer for up to 6 months.

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