adding new green cheeks

by robin

If I have 2 male green cheek conures. and want another, but female. Should I get 2 females, 1 for each male to be safe?

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Sep 24, 2011
'bout yer bird
by: Prashant

Putting two females together can be dangerous, they can fight and injure each other, better to get 1 female.

Jun 17, 2011
adding female birds to male bird's cage
by: Tracie

You should NOT add any females to the cage unless you want to breed them AND you have experience breeding birds.

Also, you should NOT add any birds to the cage until they have spent time together outside of the cage and have proved they want to live together. You may already know this, and already have another cage set up for the new bird(s).

It took us quite some time just to get two green cheeks to get along well enough to live together in one cage. I certainly would not attempt adding 2 birds at one time.

I could go on and on, but basically if you are not already a breeder, then call a breeder in your area and get some training and advice from them. You will have to be ready to hand feed birds night and day in case the parents won't feed them or try to kill them.

You need to have an avian vet and a 24 hour clinic available for emergencies. You will need to make sure the female has been on a healthy pellet diet, like Harrison's, for a few months so that she won't have problems with egg binding and the chicks will be healthy.

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