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by ms.C

I'm rescuing a Blue and Gold, my other Macaw the one i have is a 10 year old female the one I'm rescuingis a 2 year old female do I intergrate them so that I dont have any huge issues? The rescue has een to the vet for a healthy bird check..before i bring her into my home, .thank you in advance

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Feb 15, 2013
Adding to the Flock
by: Linda

Oh what a JOY this is that you can have not just one but two of these wonderful birds! The Macaws are such special birds and even though they require so much attention, they are well worth the effort. I once had a gorgeous Scarlet, named Sherlock, whose name was changed to Sherl when I discovered he was a she! I boarded her in a pet shop many years' ago, and she was stolen the first night there. I've never been able to get over that loss no matter how many other birds, dogs, goats and others have come and gone. Sherlock was a very special bird person, and I hope she found a good home wherever she ended up.

As for integrating your new Macaw, take things slowly because there will be a large measure of jealousy involved at least in the beginning. Keep both in separate cages and make sure when they are out of cages you or someone else they trust is always present in case of disagreements. Disagreements with these large birds can go very badly. For the most part, Macaws are a gentle, happy go lucky kind of bird when given the right amount of kindness, love and guidance as to who a good birdy is supposed to be.

Getting the new bird examined by an Avian Vet was very wise of you, and I feel this bird is going to bring you and your family great joy. Since you already understand Macaw, just apply all that you've learned to the new one never forgetting the other bird because until they are fast friends, there may be some acting out on both their parts. Take it in stride and don't let them get by with too much because I learned early on when they are spoiled, they are horrible little tyrants and want to run their world.

If any problems arise, write back to us. Actually, please write back to us often to let us know how this new family is doing in your care. If this new Macaw is a rescue, hopefully, she has not been too badly mistreated because sometimes, if they've had too much to handle, their minds go a bit fuzzy. With love and patience plus your other well adjusted bird there, I think this will go very well though as I said earlier there may be some acting out, so do not be surprised.

As you also probably already know, the larger parrots can be dangerous if they've been abused, so go slowly with your new girl until you can trust her, and she can trust you. Don't force her to do anything she is not comfortable with at least at first. Keep training to a minimum until she's settled in and feels safe in her new home with her new family. This does not mean you cannot handle her, as she needs human touch everyday, just keep your eyes open and do not allow her on your shoulder ever because this is an advantage spot for all parrots.

I think you'll do fine, and we look forward to seeing a picture of both your precious Macaws when you are able to send them.

Thanks so much for writing, and many Blessings to you and yours always.


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